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לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות
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From the start of all times, there has been rituals and "out of body" experiences most of these seen as spiritual and divine. Ways to contact gods/the dead/ancestors/to see the furture/to heal...... From the cave man, to the indians to the modern day man... I know I skipped but there is so much in detail of all of these, I was told to make a thread discussing entheogens and so on and so forth, so lets have it.....

I did mention
If that fails can also try;

Lysergic acid diethylamide

Just a few suggestions... *shruggs*

These are just a few... ;/ I'll try and go into detail...


Peyote has provoked controversy and persecution, since the arrival of us europeans to "the new world". It was condemend as "Satanic trickery" and seen indeed in these... simple days, as a tool of satan. But, since then it has been constantly under attack from goverments and even religions, alas this cactus has a sacramental role among the Indians, obviously orginated from Mexico but the spread within the last few hundred years to the Northern tribes of America.

Not sure where I saw it but someone stated it is "the prototupe of the new world hallucinogens" Another thing that is interesting this cacuts has been found within cave "dwellings" in Texas and is estimated to be over 3,000 years old... So it has been used for some fair time.... And obviously was used in rituals that the Huichol, Camanche, Tarahumara and Cora Indians partook in..... Thats all I got for now chip in.
Interesting topic, thanks.

I'm continually drawn to the ideas of a brilliant linguist and psychedelic proponent, Terence McKenna. He's got some wacky ideas, and that's what I love about him and the "psychedelic" in general. These things are a catalyst for language and imagination, which to me are the two most important and unique tools in humanity's vast array.

Psychedelics or entheogens or hallucinogens or whatever you want to call them are organic, living tools that humans use to stimulate our inborn faculty (tool, if you wish) of imagination. I also think there's the possibility that these substances also serve as bridges and doorways to other realities, in that they allow us to experience other ways of perceiving besides our normal, boring, everyday conditioned consciousness. They are, I believe, of immense value to humans in breaking down false boundaries between the individual and the other--whether it be another person or the literal brick in your literal wall that suddenly smiles and giggles with you when you are deep in a trip.

The sacredness and specialness of entheogens lies in their quality of revealing these alternate worlds and breaking down barriers. Their importance is one of propelling us into the immediacy of experience and fluidity of concsiousness. They have the potential to clear our vision and open those doors of perception that Alduous Huxley talked about, to allow us to see the universe as completely alive--all of it. They break down conditioned ways of seeing the world, astonish us with visions of oneness, as well as throw at us baffling curve balls of nonsense.

They're tricky, that's for sure, and not all fun and games. They can be scary and they are often misused by people looking for some trippy adventure, who just want to watch the walls melt and go, "Whoa, haha. Dude. Awesome." As catalysts, I think they need to be approached and consumed intentionally if at all, and with reverence. Eating peyote or a mushroom cap is not to be likened to drinking a six pack. These things are not social drugs. They are vision-inducing, reality shifting, perception challenging experiences. A trip is an event. It's not a party.

My 2 cents and soapbox at this point.


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