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Maryland. usa. FINALLY! LOL
I wasnt sure where to post this but, this looks as likely a place as any. :) i have had in the past and a few recently, someone elses dreams. Now, I know that sounds a little off but, bear with me if you could please.
There is a certain familiararity with dreams, i think. Generally I am always me in them, and even if the surroundings are strange i still am sure that they are mine.
I never really considered that I could have someone elses dreams until I had one. :eek: That is, i had a dream that was totally alien to me(not about alienss) I didnt know anyone in it and I wasnt even really there. It felt like I was intruding. Everything was different and wrong. It wasnt a nightmare or a scary dream , it just wasnt mine. Others I have had have been a similar experience but sometimes other people in this dream had turned to me and asked who I was and what was I doing there. ? Once, I looked to find that I was a young man. Other times I have been able to "slip through"" unnoticed while Ive watched parts of this dream unfold.
I dont know if Im making sense but the only way to explain it to myself is that it felt like someone elses dream.:confused:

does anyone else have this or can someone give an explanation???:confused:
I don't without trying, and when I do try, I have to be awake. I think you're entering another person's dreamspace by accident. I have had some success with entering other people's dreams or waking thoughts, but I have to be awake to do it, because I do it by focusing what is basically telepathy outward. Normally, though, people think that whatever I put there is their own thought, so I'm not sure why people recognize that you are not their own thought. I don't do this often, just have experimented with it a bit, so I don't have a ton of answers if that is what is going on. I've heard others say they've had the same thing happen, though. I've heard some people divide up dreaming into several categories- your personal dreamspace, others' dreamspaces, and then a sort of group dreamspace where if you get into that, you're sort of co-creating but you all know you're doing it. I don't know that it's a great classification and it certainly isn't scientific (but neither is a lot of other stuff I've experienced), but it seems plausible. Basically, these are just theoretical "spaces" of thought.

Or you're having whacked out dreams in which you dream you are in someone else's dreams. :D

The problem is, it would be hard for you to verify you're in someone else's dreamspace unless you were awake or lucid dreaming, and knew whose dreams you were invading. I checked my experiments by focusing outward telepathically while awake, then later discussing the dreams with the person I was focusing on (in?) to verify what happened and if it went according to what I was sensing telepathically at the same time. (Along with where they were physically, etc.) I wouldn't have a clue how to verify it if you are doing it by accident unless you can recognize who you are "invading."
yeah, its a bit creepy because these people Ive "visited" i dont know them , dont recognise them from anywhere... not even customers. but some I remember clearly now and others i just have a vague idea that i didnt know them. it doesnt sound like much sense but Im very glad its happening to others out there and im no t alone in my lunacy. lol. try asking people you work with....."do you ever have someone elses dream???" you should see the look I got. ooooops. LOL.
My opinion is that dreams are indeed mysterious, that we cannot explain them totally but I would say that your dreams are simply, recorded images and other subliminal sounds/images you have taken note of during the busy loooong day….. It is an important process for the mind to go into this state of death, but It isn’t because we need to sleep, I simply think the brain shuts down our system to run maintenance. And the nerve signals throw off all sorts of things….. I honestly believe dreams mean nothing and are of no importance it simply is just something our mind does… Purging it’s system. For example I was told that my dreams are weird because they are all in black and white….. I would simply say my dreams are black and white and that’s all there is to it, there is –no- meaning, or special reason behind these dreams, Sorry just that is my opinion on dreams. One other thing, you are the one dreaming the dream, so I would suggest by logic that they are infact your dreams lol…. IF they were not your dreams how do you know they are some others dreams? For example… Can you see into other peoples minds? Lol…. If not, then how do you know it is someone’s dream but, your own? Example I could dream that I am superman or dare I say GOD! :O Does that mean I am having superman or God's dreams?
no dopey, thats not what I mean. The intense feeling I got was that I intruded on someone. Imagine if you accidentally walked into someones house..... that kind of thing. i was even embarassed. oh, I dunno. its not important but thanks for your input 17th, at leastI know you dont beat around the bush. eh? I can always rely on you to be honest. thanks. lol.
I think some types of dreams are just purging the mind, 17th. Typically kind of non-sensical or even just plain boring and ordinary (working or grocery shopping in your dreams).

However, I'd say there are various sorts. In lucid dreaming, for example, you know you are dreaming and you can control your dreams. It's really fun, but not exactly resting. In some dreams, I have had entire storylines that have been really meaningful, and some of these I have later matched with other people, implying a bunch of strangers had the same detailed dream. I know a few people who dream of future events and actually are right- the stuff actually happens. Some folks dream of strangers and later meet them.

I think there might be more to dreams than purging, based on my own dreams and others', but certainly it does seem like one significant facet of dreaming is for the mind to purge. Guess it depends on the person?
Hi Grey and all:

I've also had these sorts of dreams and I always believe that I am an observer in the dreams and not an intruder, but an expected and welcomed entity in whatever is going on. Some of them are very sensuous these days. Not anything like in my younger years. The other night I was playing smashmouth with a cute middle aged lady, and I have no idea of who she was supposed to be. But I was aware of the geographical locale where the activities in the dream took place

They usually tend to happen just before I wake up, but then that is the heaviest period of REM sleep, and we all remember the dreams most clearly just before we wake-up from them. Sometimes my former wives are involved in weird ways as if I still had some sort of connection with them. Nothing gruesome or angry or anything, just weird, symbolic scenarios.

Unlike some people who dream vividly, I don't write them down after I wake up in order to try to interpret them. I'm usually busy "thinking too much" during my awake hours to purposefully "dog" myself like that.

Sometimes I do feel intruded upon when things occur during the following day which cause Dejavu experiences directly related to the dreams from the night before. These are usually unpleasant events, and I just try to put them behind me since it is clear to me that such manipulation of my dreamscape for malevolent purposes are not healthy for my mental or spiritual state.

I have thought to an extent that some of my dreams are imposed upon me intentionally. I am scientifically aware of physical systems and mechanisms which could do this, but then I just pass that by also because I don't even want my mind confused with such thoughts by the malicious intent of others, even though I am aware that this does happen sometimes.

flow. thanks for the interesting observation but now I have an image of you "smash mouthing" LOL thanks for that.

17th, no mate I wasnt going crook at you. when I call you dopey, its a form of affection. , dopey. lol. Its just that I think I prefer a more "romantic" explanation than a practical one. it is a dream, after all. LOL.
bottom , actually. grazing amongst the gum trees. ( not really, but we do have colony of em just down the end of my street. ).

thanks everyone for contributing to this thread. Im happy that its not only me that this happens to.
Snoopy i use that saying all the time. lol. I often used to think I had a few loose in the top paddock, a few sandwiches short of a picnic, at least now I know Im in good company. lol.