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  • Thanks for your take, makes some things clearer.

    Phillip K Dick, I see he did the novel that Blade Runner is based on, excellent film. I will see what more he has birthed into the world.
    Just saw this documentary on the philosophy of 'the Matrix', if you ever seen the film and wondered about the different symbolisms I can thoroughly recommend it.
    Philosophy and the Matrix - YouTube

    I also learned about Pierre-Simon Laplace whos theory about predicting actions by perceiving the building blocks of the world, perfectly reflects my (to the extent it was explained in the documentary) idea of the world, limited as it is.

    But what I really wanted to ask about was chaos. My current understanding of chaos is basically "we can currently not find a pattern in the system". Thus, order and chaos are only relevant in the mind of people. In your world, when and how is this not true?
    Aloha e: He Hawai'i Au means "I am Hawaii", not the island but basically it translates that I give life, or breath to my culture by the way I live my life. I perpetuate its values through what I do. Pohaikawahine is my Hawaiian name and it means "a circle of women". I did not learn to speak our language when I was a child because it was prohibited, but I have learned how to translate it and its meaning meanings over the years. I do not speak it however fluently.
    Okay, since you got here, welcome, Friend (that is what I am, a member of the Religious Society of Friends, RSF, or Quakers). Raised in USA between Bay Area of California and Malpias of New Mexico. 28 years military with degrees in math, nuclear physics, ops research, and an MBA. Pretty heavily into the sciences and read a lot of philosophy. Currently do financial and risk analysis for US Dept of Defense and other agencies.

    Grew up Methodist, Dad was originally Catholic, Mom, Jewish. Got into Buddhism and Aikido early. Married a Native American and more or less practice her spirituality. But I found RSF, Matthew Fox, George Fox, Rufus Jones, and Ham Sok Han. I like the lack of dogma. Influenced by everyone, believe in a religion, believe there is no True Religion.

    Panta Rhei! Everything Flows! Radarmark
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