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    Hi AndrewX (or should I call you Andrew?),

    Perhaps the akoustikois were attempting to still their minds when they took the vow of silence. You did get me thinking about what realizations I might have had in the past, if at all. I am not sure whether it would be beneficial for me to remember, or useless in this current reality.

    I’ve been posting in several threaded discussions in a couple of forums, writing about issues that no one wants to hear about. I can’t say I’ve had too many friendly responses, to say the least. So it’s refreshing when responses to my posts aren’t as insensitive.
    Hi AndrewX,

    I did listen to it. Maybe I’m lacking proverbial hairs…whatever that is. : ) I suppose the music piece is supposed to be creepy.

    Is the word “akoustikoi†an etymon of “acoustics� Apparently, the next classes are mathematikoi and physikoi in the Pythagorean School. It doesn’t seem that you’re a student there, but you’re practicing listening... Akoustikoi must remain absolutely silent for two years. When do you get to break your silence?
    I haven't taken German in eons but Die Nacht Der Himmel means "The Night of Sky" or "The Night's Sky," doesn't it?
    hey andrew, just wanted to say that your way of thinking, that being to keep an open mind about anything, totally makes sense. to me to keep an open mind is the best way to demonstrate to your fellow brother the beauties of being humble. anyhow, just wanted to say this and keep them posts coming.
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