Jewish groups sue New York City over circumcision rule

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NEW YORK (Reuters) - Orthodox Jewish groups sued New York City on Thursday to try to block a new rule requiring parental consent for a circumcision ritual in which the circumciser uses his mouth to draw blood from the baby's penis.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court, says the regulation is unconstitutional and violates religious freedom by targeting a Jewish ritual.

The rule, adopted unanimously by the New York City Board of Health last month, is aimed at reducing the risk that infants will contract herpes from the ancient ritual.


Jewish groups sue New York City over circumcision rule - Yahoo! News
But it ain't even consent to do is consent form that you've read the notice...just like the form you sign when you get required immune shots for your kid...that say you won't sue the manufacturer, the doctor, the gov't if and when your child gets sick, disabled or dies....