Another Media "Star" Passed

The passing of a legend ... and recollections of the tragic loss of Kirsty MacColl.

Will this go down as one of the great duets of all time?

I saw Shane MacGowan in an Irish pub a few years ago ... I have to say, in a colourful bar, he looked monochrome – he was grey, no colour at all. He sang two songs, one he knew well, the other not so, and made a mess of it.

I was there with a musician friend who was full of anger for the group surrounding MacGowan, especially when they all vanished into the gents for 20 minutes ... in his book, they were feeding off him. To be fair, they may well have been friends trying to manage him, but it didn't look like it, and my friend knew the industry too intimately to offer them the benefit of the doubt.
Yoyo Man passed away Wednesday at the tender age of 86, succumbing to cancer.

"Who?" you ask?

Some here might know him better as Tom Smothers of The Smothers Brothers. I believe that Dick Smothers is still alive, plus Tom's wife and all of his grand/children.

Tom Smothers was nicknamed "Yoyo Man because he was a yoyo master, even in his eighties.

This might reawaken some fond(?) memories of him:

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More death notices:

Who remembers/are familiar with some of those mentioned?
Even more death notices:
Even more death notices!

Some of these y'all may be familiar with , especially the OFs.

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Bernard Hill will no doubt be remembered for his performances in GoT and LotR, but for a certain generation, his portrayal of Yosser Hughes (1982 BBC peroduction Boys from the Blackstuff), a masterclass performance of the interior collapse of a working class man who loses everything – home, wife, family and eventually his sense of self – set against the decline of the industrial heart of England. To that certain generation, the phrase "gizza job" or the more manic "gizza job, go on, gizza job, I can do dat" is more tragic and memorable than just about any line he ever said...
Still more deaths in the news!

I apologize for the little ad for a Q and A broadcact with those involved in production

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