How Was Your Week?

Coming up on 34 years as husband and wife for us. She was my pen pal for 3 years prior. Didn't meet face to face until 3 days before we were married! I married a bit late in life, but it was the first marriage for us both.
Happy days.... Sadly so many of my friends are unhappy or have had unhappiness in marriage. I was very very lucky because my wife is the most patient, the quietest, the most pleasant person possible. :)
Same here! Getting married was the best decision I ever made bar none.

On to how was my week - rant..... It was a good week up until yesterday when the doll forum I subscribe to abruptly changed their format! Seems they optimized it for use with smartphones. Unfortunately, that made the display less than optimal for PC users such as myself. The worst part is, user profile pics are now on the right, which I find quite distracting. Gives me a headache after only a few minutes on the site.

Several subscribers have complained, but management won't budge. Oh well, was spending too much time there anyway.