Why? (to whom it may concern)



Now and again a post of mine remains "invisible" awaiting moderator approval.

Why is this?

As far as I can see no posts of mine are "iffy" in any way.

Thank you.
I agree that there is nothing iffy about your posts. However, because of frequent spammers, there are restrictions on some words, inclusion of links, or images, and some other content for all new users. Those are all automatically flagged for moderation. As you become an established member of the forum, those restrictions disappear and you won’t experience the delay.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but after playing around with lesser filters, the amount of spam we get is overwhelming and disruptive, from both a technical and participatory perspective.
Thanks Steve, I thought it might be some of sort of "trigger" word or such.

(I have been a moderator on another Forum and understand the problem)

EDIT:- just received an email giving a reply on the Faith and Belief thread from muhammad_isa, which is not visible to me yet on the actual thread itself. Trying to figure out the "trigger" !!