Realizing incompleteness and the quest for wholeness


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My quest for completeness began upon the realization there was more to life than I understood it to be. At the time I did not recognize this part of me spiritual in any way outside of enlightenment. It was only through partial glimpses of reality that I set my mind on revealing the truth.
It was not until my time did I understand truth and completeness.
On the Contrary to this Topics theme in apprehendCAtion, i would revoke the definition of Enlightenment in a Center form and Bring out Completeness into another Allegory to the Consumption of What Form's the Definition of Enlightenment into another Form: A Wholeness.

Does God Create Wholeness, or is it Human Consumption to Form that into Being?

In My Reality G-D Created all This in the beginning of the Form Of Which we as The Creation have Summation of the Knowledge theirof through the Spirituality of Religion (In Which in Science is) Another Methodology of Abbreviation (in) Form. So Does Enlightenment Come Through Human Intervention? Or is it Upon the Biology of the Human Body (Ie. Formostly the Human Mental Brain in Constitution - Mind) into it's Enlightened Sparkling of it's Being?

The Question formost is to Show, in a Direct indirect conclusion of another Members Post; that Life is not Just an Error of Creation Which States as the Universe But That we aren't Just Made Wonderfully in the Alliance Of the Human Body in Made; But also in the Psychic of the Premise of Spirituality; Which indicates that their is a Maker of These Very Inexplicable Law's in Natural; That Bind us to the Realities of Life in a Dimensionary Measure That Micro and Macro Meet in the Human Earth.

For Which ( ) the Universe houses the Galaxyies, and the Galaxies the Solar System's and Solar Systems the Planets; and Planets the Atmosphere, and Atmosphere the Earthly Realm; and Land, the Sea; and Ocean's the Life, and Ground the Walk's and Walks the Bacteria and Bacteria the Microscope; and Microscope the Ultimate; and the Ultimate the Life form in Which Perceive human Endeavor in a Multitude in Variety of Life and Form in This Human Planet alone as Seen in the Perception of What we Do To the Reality of the Realms in the Subtle Bodies that Pertain to the Mentality and Mental Mind of the Summation Which Form's the Apprehended Existence into a Reality of Human Law's Bound in the Natural ConstiZuence of However we Debate Life to Permit. So Wholeness is Delegated in a Multitude of Form's.


What Form's Are their then? if but a Realization that Enlightenment Open's up the Field of View to See the Cosmos in another Alternative of Form; That Constituates Life in a Millenia of LifeForm's that All is Perceived by Existence of an Ultimate Form of Creator in the Perceived of Macro to the Micro in an Ultimate Alienated Form of Gulf. So Whereas God is Deistic, He can also be Perceived as impersonal Yet Personalized (Ishvara) To the Contents Maker Like a Cup Filled with Water and Air (CO2).

So we May See how G-d is Both Ishvara & ParaBrahmān: Constituting him to Be Seen in the Form of Matter and Form of Human Consent or of Materialistic Entities; that both anull not but The Form of The Entities Spiritually to Whichever Direction you Form You Prayer Alignment to be; Thus a Jealous G-D.

We have seen you turn your face to the heavens. We shall turn you to a Qiblah that will please you. So turn towards the Holy Mosque, and turn towards it wherever you be. And those who are recipients of the Book surely know that this is the truth from their Lord; and God is not negligent of all that you do.

Righteousness is not that you turn your faces toward the ... Ayat 2:177 | 2:144
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