Authority of the ancients vs authority of progress

Why do the literal readers never focus on the beatitudes?

Oddly enough, there is a movement in fundamentalist Christianity where evangelical preachers live a life of absolutely nothing, moving from church to church and living off of donations. The evangelical movement in the US has been split between the meek peacemakers and hellfire preachers.

We just don't hear a lot about the former unless you're in that group, because they tend to keep to themselves a lot more and don't have the need to slap a cross onto all of their charity work, since they believe that being too out in the open actually contradicts a number of passages. Out in the wild, you're far more likely to encounter the hellfire preachers with their huge crosses and judgmental posters attacking people outside of a music concert than you are to run into the ones who live a life mostly confined to churches and church-sponsored charities.

Even the more out-in-the-world fundamentalists who are closer to peacemakers than hateful judges aren't frequently identified as such, because they aren't using their religion to loudly attack politicians or fornicators or Democrats or whatever. They tend to look like normal people.
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