Working on getting a Certificate in Logic

Ella S.

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The course I'm taking covers propositional, relational, and functional logic.

I've already formally studied symbolic logic, both deductive and inductive, but this certification will build on that knowledge. Once I get the certification, I won't just be referring to myself as a logician in the informal sense, but I'll have the genuine credentials to back it up.

Looking over the course material, I already know most of it, so this might end up being more of a formality than anything else. I do expect to learn some new things along the way and to heckle my professor with tangential questions outside of class if they let me.

I didn't really have anyone else to share this with but it's the first thing I've been genuinely excited about in years.
I have never been certified logical unless that is the same as logically certifiable...

Good luck in your coarse. It seems like something I could use....but should have decades ago.