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Most religions have unpleasant passages like that in their scriptures.
Unpleasant passages in Hinduism are in relation to one's 'karma' (deeds) and not for worship of this God or that.
The Buddha had his bad days with headache and migraine, when he got awfully cranky, and there are passages in the Pali Canon where he really lost it, such as when someone tried to marry off their daughter to him, and he got really rude and hurtful towards the poor prospective bride.

Transcendent means will not solve our immanent problems. This is my belief.
Really? I do not believe these stories.
Your last statement is very true.
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We punish ourselves by not embracing the wisdom of God.
God says Love, we hate and the penalty is in that choice.
You might see this process as Karma?
You have never been able to establish the existence of God or prove that this person or that was a messenger etc. of this God.
What God or any so-called prophet / son / messenger / manifestation / mahdi says will come after that. They make God to say what they want.

Sure, all actions have reaction. In case of humans, the file / account is closed when the person dies. Nothing more after that except in the sense of chemical recycling.
A good friend of mine posted this on Facebook this morning (Graham Nicholson in case you want to look him up), so thought I would share, to me he made a very compelling and truthful summary of the history of faith.

"Why is it that religionists can accept the founding spiritual predecessors of their own religion's Founder, but never the spiritual successors of that Founder? It is like embracing a succession of earlier founders leading to their own religion, but from the coming of their own Founder the spiritual process is seen as coming to a complete and final stop, for all time. Doesn't matter if global circumstance radically change thereafter, the process is seen as being at an end for all time. Spiritual truth is seen as being final, exhaustive, exclusive, and everything seeking spiritual recognition thereafter is rejected without enquiry as being false. And this despite the promises of their own Founder of a later return, a promise that can never be recognised due to confining preconceptions of the Founder's followers.

The idea that the "return" is a spiritual concept is usually rejected and interpreted literally to mean a physical concept, a return in the imagined physical form of their own Founder, perhaps floating down in a cloud or in some other miraculous physical way. It is really designed to reject all-comers without investigation so as to preserve the accumulated religious status quo. No wonder the spirit ossifies. The concept of ongoing spiritual renewal is rejected even though this is inherent in their own teachings.

The end result? Religions become havens of exclusivist dogma and ritual, form rather than substance, bigotry and prejudice, spiritual argument, religious division and decline. The risks of global disunity and even violence increase. In an increasingly interdependent global human community surely this not a healthy development."

That really does say it all.

Regards Tony
There are myriads of self proclaimed new messiahs and prophets. The question is: why should I believe yours? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, beyond hundreds of volumes of words. So ...
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Sure, all actions have reaction. In case of humans, the file / account is closed when the person dies. Nothing more after that except in the sense of chemical recycling.

Looking at my family, I would disagree. The actions of my parents, grandparents, aunts etc. still cause a lot of turmoil (and also good things) in my life.
But their files are closed whereas yours are still open. Closed files are not written on. :)

Not so sure. There is such a thing a family trauma. That is a file that keeps on being enlarged.
You need to, you must get over whatever it is. That will be a new day in your life. Carrying a baggage is difficult in life.
Meditate (i.e., think about it calmly), that is how I get rid of the baggage.
Thanks, that is sage advice, and I endorse it. Now if my cousins, aunts&uncles, and siblings also took it on board, we might get over it more quickly...
Me and one of my my brothers have argued fiercely all out lives. He recently visited from Australia, after a gap of fifteen years, and within two days we were at each other, lol. But he knows I love him very much :)