A made-up story about how the gospels were first written


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I've been in some discussions in another forum with some people who believe that the gospel stories are pure fiction, and not based in any way on any stories about a real person. I made up a story of my own about how the gospels were written, not what I think actually happened but to see what reasons anyone could have for saying that it couldn't be true, to help me in my own thinking about it. I'm posting my made-up story here, to see what reasons anyone here can think of, for saying that it couldn't be true. If anyone wants to know what I really think, I'll answer that in another thread, because in this thread I'm only looking for reasons not to believe this story:

During the prefecture of Pontius Pilate, sometimes there were people claiming to be a promised king of Israel. I don't know how many,maybe five or ten or even more. Their followers spread stories about them healing people and doing miracles. They had such a reputation for fooling people that no one would believe it even if someone actually did heal people and do miracles, unless they thought they actually saw it themselves. Later, some time in the 40's, someone made up some stories about a person like that who was teaching during the prefecture of Pontius Pilate. They took their ideas for his teachings from a variety of schools that were popular at the time, and decided to give him a brother with a name that's translated as "James," just taking that at random from names that were common at that time. They told their stories to other people, and a lot of people liked them and started telling them to others. As those stories spread, communities of practice grew up around them, with many people thinking that the stories were actually true. Different communities liked different stories and understood them in different ways. A few people decided to put some of those stories together into one story about one person who was teaching during the prefecture of Pontius Pilate, different authors choosing different stories and using them in different ways to make their story say what they wanted it to say. Three of those stories were the original versions of the synoptic gospels in today's Bibles.
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