Taking a Road Trip? Make Sure You Have a Good Spare!

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One of the wife's cousins in Fiji sent us this.... 😁

But what if I don't have a spare horse?

Some history, once when hitchhiking across country I got picked up by four hippies. Within a half hour of getting in the car we got pulled over by a state trooper, I feigned asleep as they were asked the typical questions (license, registration, what's that smell, your tires are bald, does anyone in the car have a license?) The conversation lead to a very frustrated trooper who was about to end shift and could see he did not have an old rambler with a bunch of hippies but a can of worms that if opened would mean hours of overtime at a minimum and who knows what else.

"Kid's, it is 22 miles to the state line, go straight there, and don't come back!"

While he was encouraging us to get out of his hair, he was still either concerned for our safety or his potential liability or repercussions from letting us go. "Those tires are looking dangerous. You need new ones. Do you at least have a spare?" The driver responds, "Yeah, we have a couple of maypops in the trunk." "Maypops?", he inquires as his face wrinkles, head tilts and leans toward the car window.

"Yeah, they have air now, but they are as bald as the rest and maypop anytime " As the car chuckles, the trooper turned and looked back at the road behind us, took a step away and pointed towards Kansas all in one succinct motion.

As we drove off we saw him out our rear view window, getting in his car making an immediate u-turn around on the grass meridian, not waiting for the next access.

Couple hours later, as luck would have it, we had to pull over and put on one of the maypops. But as we started getting out stuff to jack the car a celestial experience began to unfold in front of our eyes across the plains.

A sunset, a glorious sunset. The road was slightly raised where we were, a gentle slope down towards a creek with steep banks meandering across away from us cutting the landscape into shadows as the sky slowly changed from one color to the next. The band of travelors I had joined with had gotten out a flute, tambourine, and were happily frolicking and dancing, celebrating the end of the day (and beginning of the next) as our spot earth turned away from the sun.

I watched, admired their spirit, their joy, their freedom, and turned and began jacking up the car.

Thanx for the memories, I can see that sunset in my minds eye, I can feel the joy and innocence of that crew, they were all a little older than me back then, and my wish is they are a little older than me now and have many similar memories. I was the only one in that car that day with a valid license, we got to Kansas without me having to say so tho.
Well, the roads in that area of Fiji are barely passable on a good day, so you often see people on horseback. Don't often see them carrying a spare tire though. Apparently what happened was, a motorist did attempt to traverse the terrain and when the inevitable happened, got caught short without a spare. The wife's cousin was passing by and lent a hand. They were just taking the fellow's tire back to the house to fix it. Tires are wicked expensive there, so they keep fixing them until there's nothing left to fix!