So after a couple of hundred years, or two thousand years or more, what was once alive is dead rock. Doctrine becomes doctrinaire. Morals become moralistic. Ritual becomes ritualistic
This is where I am brother, doctrine and rituals I don't need.

But I see the religious scripture of the various religions as living, wrote then meant for now, the future and everywhere in between.

The joys of reading a passage about someone struggling with a demon or a God or a situation and seeing how their trials and tribulations can be applied in my own in the now and developing an understanding is like a mother telling you not to touch the hot stove, the voice of experience is looking out from the past, her scars and burns are now used for your benefit, we ain't gotta smite or touch the stove to learn the lesson, what a blesson!
:) Thomas, that happens with 'Ahle-kitab' (those who have A book). Those which do not have A book keep on changing with times, alwaysw dynamic.
Well, Christianity can be pretty dynamic. The book's not the issue ...