Facts or Opinions

We one sees thru 'Evolution' and the design in everything comes to light, then you KNOW we have a creator.
Then one begins the arduous search for Him- unless He finds you first!
I think there is nothing like fact, instead whole universe is a myth. There is no reality. Legends have told that "one person world spun around his beliefs". This actually mean whatever you believe good or bad, is a fact or truth of your own reality. Every person see the same world with different perspective, experiences, choices and decisions. All your deeds and decision is the cause of your beliefs and your beliefs are the results of your deeds and choices you made. This cycle runs infinitely. And we never get out of it.

You can say everyone in this universe never ever explore the reality or a single fact, it always one's beliefs, which is the conclusion of their idea of world. In conclusion, there is no supreme reality/facts or beliefs, just do what seems right through your perspective. Because no one will understand your perspective or experiences in your life except you.