Is it possible to share a book size document here?


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Hi. I'm Darrell Moneyhon, username: otherbrother,

About 12 years ago, I retired from being a psychology service provider for Ohio institutions. First in state psychiatric facilities, and the second half of my career was in prisons. I got in 29 years of service, with a one year "buyout" extra It was an interesting journey, trying to help others work through emotional issues and to cope better with mental illness. I got to do individual counseling, as well as group therapy. Also, wrote a lot of reports, including progress reports on restoration of competency to stand trial and risk assessments for the prison parole boards considering whether or not to grant parole. My formal title was Psychology Assistant 2. My Masters level education in Clinical Psychology was just a few years too late to be grandfathered in for an autonomous Psychologist license. So, I found a good home in state institutions, working under the supervision of licensed Psychologists. Although supervised, I had plenty of autonomy and lots of rich professional and personal experiences.

After retiring, I wrote and self-published two and a half books (one of them co-authored). The first book was about a hypothetical model community that focused on interfaith spiritual growth, "Allsville Emerging." My second book was co-authored with Layman Pascal (pseudonym), "About Wholeness." Next was "Christian Running", about spiritual experiences and insights I had while training for marathons.

I don't think in of those books are still available to purchase at Amazon. They were for a good while, but never sold over a hundred. My writing career was not much of a success in worldly terms, but, like my clinical psychology career before it, was a wonderful journey.

I wrote a fourth book called "I Don't Hate Yosemite: a father and son's journey of faith (It seems I like a good trip/journey!). It never got published, but it has a lot of neat experiences and philosophical ideas (I can't NOT philosophize!) in it that I'd like to share with others without going through the expense and other hoops of formal publishing.

After that, I drove a school bus for five years, until retiring (my second time) recently. It too was a rewarding journey, or series of MANY journeys. My eyes always focused on human potential, whether the potential of my student riders, individual adult readers, or the potential for social/cultural evolution. In fact, the subtitle of Christian Running highlighted the word "potential." And the concept of emerging/actualizing potential still looms large in my online discussions.

My map for spiritual growth is "depth-dynamic." Basically the old "fountain flowing deep and wide," that emerged in Christian culture, but never seemed to alter the theology in the spiritually-empowering way I feel it could (and should) have. I feel called to nurture its potential as a spiritual growth tool.

My question is whether I can share the father son pilgrimage book, I Don't Hate Yosemite, here. Is there a way to attach whole manuscripts? If not, I could simply share excerpts.

Also, is it possible to share any of my spiritual songs?

Thanks for letting my share a little about my life and passions.

I'm already enjoying my journey (love that word!) at the Interfaith Forum, and look forward to covering lots of ground here.

otherbrother, Darrell Moneyhon
Welcome :)

Is there a way to attach whole manuscripts?
That is obviously not the purpose of a discussion forum, but established members are permitted to post links to PDF books, and you would qualify for that.

Or you could serialize it or share excerpts in the Member Writing Forum:

Regarding songs and poetry, there are dedicated sub-sections in the Media forum:

Both the writing and the media forums are quite recently created and contributions are welcome
I may refer folks to the writing section for my comments there that I feel are relevant to the discussion here (on any given discussion thread, that is). I'll have to learn how to make a link, like you did above, to insert though.

Hi @otherbrother
Here is a tutorial on how to post a link:

First go to the page you want to link and look for the URL details at the top. It can be an outside page, from Wikipedia or somewhere else:
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Next RIGHT click your mouse on the highlighted URL link and then LEFT click COPY

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Paste the link you have copied into URL section the box that appears:
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Then press Insert:
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Finally Post Reply:
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I hope it's understandable enough
Any questions just ask ... :)
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