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Just to let you know that I've finally brought the comparative-religion forum back online.

Some tweaking is still required, especially to the template, and some of the actual board settings. Nothing particularly major, though.

Do be aware that all established members will have to send for a new password using the following link:

You may also need to use your user cp to set your forum preferences.

I hope this doesn't cause too much of an inconvenience.

I've already begun uploading a lot of the user avatars. I also tried to edit the forum template to harmonise with the rest of the comparative-religion site but I'm just too exhausted today - it wasn't going well with the HTML (you know, silly error you cannot find, etc).

Feel free to explore the new site, and some of the new features. I hope you like the new "Quick reply" box, as well as the usual "advanced" reply. :) (if you cannot see it, check "use advanced WYSIWYG" in your profile).

If you have any questions then please do ask. If you need me I can be contacted through the following e-mail address:


Oh - and, yes - this is yet another admin alias - but was quite necessary to set up for the forum conversion.

Best regards all - Peace, Love, and Harmony

It is all a little strange and somewhat disorientating. I had hope for a smoother transition! I believe you did too! I had terrible trouble getting my log in to work properly as the e-mail link did not work for myself. Now that the big change is over have you any more changes planned? Or has the tsunami passed?
I think if I reply to a thread I am automatically subscribed to it. Is it possible to switch that feature off thanks?
Ah, yes - I've noticed this issue come up. I really should wriet a longer post for the established members, better explaining how adjust their settings.

for example, if they click on their userpanel link (a button at the top right) you should edit your profile, and certainly ensure the following settings:

Don't use e-mail notification by default
Thread display should be newest first
Do use the enahanced (WYSIWYG) editor toolbar
And also show all threads from the beginnnig (well, that one is helpful).

Hope that's a start. I'm very busy today, but if anyone would like a quick guide to their user settings, I'll get one written up later.