Celts in China ?

I just thought it might be time to introduce some of the newcomers to some of our old friends.

Newcomers...some of these folks are still around....others have moved on from this forum, or even moved on from this plane of existence....but their contemplations live on...just for you.
Thanks. I'm a newcomer, although I was co-threading with Flowperson at one brief interval. For a little while I thought you had moved on, Wil. I heard you were globe trotting. Where did you go? How was the trip? Did you visit Thomas on English Muffin lane? Drop in on Nick? Wrestle with Juantoo3?
Anyone could have lived anywhere since the beginning of time. People got sold into slavery in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and in the Americas. I would not be surprised if they found Egyptian mummies in China or Japan and Asian mummies in the Americas or Europe. :p
Thanks for this link TE. I met a young lady the other day who was about six feet tall and had brilliant red hair. Her family's from Ukraine.

The Celts originated in Central Europe in the dim hallways of hostory and spread both East and West.

The pics of her ancestors are brilliant.


It is more likely the Celts originated in Scythia southern Russia.
The Picts of Scotland said they came from Scythia and DNA back this up with traces of R1A; and it is from R1A that the 'Celtic' R1B' DNA comes from.

They spread West into Europe (a cold land) and East into Western China (as it is now).