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  • knowing tomato is a fruit is knowledge, knowing not to put tomato in a fruit salad is wisdom"
    Yes, cache is set to clear when I close my browser. Doesn't matter Explorer, Edge or Chrome, result is the same.
    5 minutes, timed, for that last to post. Only this site, only my account. Trial account breezed through the site like if not signed in
    That's a liberal response for you, if they have no intelligent response, they limit or close your ability to respond, just like fascists
    If not signed in, I can move all over the site like anywhere else on the net I wish to go, sign in here and it slows to a crawl.
    You’re not being throttled or censored. Looking at your account, I see nothing out of the ordinary.

    Do you get any error messages? Can you PM me what you’re seeing? Based on previous profile posts, it appears you had a similar issue last year.
    Would someone mind explaining why my account is throttled. Censorship continues it seems.
    You're kidding, Juan? What did you say, lol?

    Oh sorry, I just read Steve's reply ...
    Unfortunately I haven't heard anything back, so I haven't been able to help figure out what's going on.
    I've been blocked from responding...don't take that as not willing or able to respond...censorship at its best
    What do you mean you've been blocked from responding?
    In case you can only post on your profile, I sent you an email at the address your account is registered with. Let’s troubleshoot what’s going on.
    A Cup Of Tea
    Don't be such a drama-queen, I'm sure nothing you have written here has made a blip on anyone's radar, if that makes you feel any better. Everything isn't about you, you know.
    I guess you are enjoying being back around as I am enjoying you being around.
    Like the Snow Leopard I am endangered species. Hey Juantoo. Been a long time and much has gone on. Just stopping by today to say hello. More to come later, God willing.
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    Ayn Rand, very interesting, I have only skimmed shallowly through her ideas previously and they make me a bit afraid. I have not judged her and her points of view out of principle, since I have hardly read anything at all, but I don't think I can move past some of these things to actually give her a chance. It is most unfortunate that I can seriously study the thoughts at oppose my own, it will only limit my horizon, but there is a level of pain and there are other paths to widen my gaze.

    I fully agree that cultural bias clouds things, but it's interesting that you mention 'patriotic' since here there has long been a counter reaction to this and is seen as something ugly in the general public. Waving our country flag, singing the anthem and celebrating the national day isn't practices much at all compared to neighbouring countries, and nowhere near the pride Americans have. This crisis of identity is fertile ground for the racism that is sweeping though Europe.
    FWIW, my opinions towards socialism are grounded more in the writings of Ayn Rand (an atheist) than they are from any religion. I doubt that would shed much light to aid my position, and I don't agree with Rand wholesale (there are some points she makes, or rather doesn't make, about the "worth" of an average "joe guy" individual that don't make sense to me), but from a purely political POV I think she sums the matter up quite well. It is not in my interest to speak ill of existing political systems, but I think recent history does that well enough in many cases, while a few exceptions do seem to hold on. As with any patriotic propaganda, sometimes it can be difficult to see beyond the nationalist sentiment...and that includes myself and my country.
    I've been thinking about it and it's probably true that socialism and religion don't go well together. But being from a socialist country 'socialism' doesn't really stand out the same way that it does for an American. I will give it some more thought and search the internet for some causations and correlations.
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