Theosophy's Origin of the Universe

l saw/see the past age as piscean fish/universality/love/service which is between the water carrier ruled by the uranus the 'awakener' and the ram ruled by aries/mars [sun exalted in aries]and lamb sacrifices needed; previously taurus/bull glyph circle [of moon exalted in taurus] and semi-circle above [container for spirit descending from above] hence 'golden calf' and continuing of bull sacrifices even in Roman times, veneration of cow in India.
Doggone it, I think I got it wrong. Ancient Egypt may have been in the age of Taurus (the bull) or Aries (the ram). Jesus heralded the beginning of the age of Pisces (the fish). We are now entering the age of Aquarius (water). It has been said that the symbol of the wave in this new age is best exemplified by the most amazing wave that affects everything we do -- electrical current. Look at how electricity and the Internet have changed everything we do. Aquarius is now in full swing.

It seems to me that the age of Pisces will come next, after today's age of Aquairus ends in a couple thousand years or so. I see this as a very linear happening.
no,unlike our [astrology]chart which we think goes forward like the months, the ages goes backwards [involution?]so the next one will be capricorn [ruled by saturn. also binah/understanding in in kabbbala]; would need to look up but the ages last at least 2,000 years?
You are right. Pisces has ended, the age of Aquarus is starting, and Capricorn should start in a couple thousand years or so.
o well, as you mentioned the 'electric' uranus is in pisces at the moment [electricity and water-shocks!] and interestingly neptune is in aquarius so rulers 'switched' presently; the rationality [ie less emotion] of fixed air is softened/diffused by kether crown [neptune], the mutable indecisive fish swimming in opposite directions sparked by the suddenness intuitive uranus [chokmah paired with binah as father is to mother].

Hopefully we will be ready for 'big daddy' capricorn who expects us to be mature enough to understand our earthly limits -saturn [grim reaper/time] .else l'm ready to ascend-now!