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Bryan, TX
The last two threads I posted in his forum (looking back) seem to me a little immature and I apologize for that. I hope that I was not mistaken for a very young child through those. I feel that I have found a way of my own from the recollection of an intense night and time period in my life. Some of this finding came from deep within. While some came through guidance from a few different sources.(i.e. friends, strangers, and the world(s) around us)​

I am fairly new to alternative beliefs, and I have done quite a bit of research as of late. I am finding it amazing to see how closely linked all of the nonchristian beliefs tie into each other thru symbolism and thru severalother aspects of co-existing worlds. Between the Ancient Celts and the Native Americans I have found astounding similarities in there vision of the way things are. The use of several ideas of three realms Earth, water and sky are reoccuring thru both as well as the other world(s) that we slip back and forth between often without even recognizing that we are doing it. The base connection is so close that, in my opion, there is a lot of truth. Even in the belief of spirits of animals, ancestors, plants, rocks,... and pretty much everything we see and don't see (visually). If you have any comments or insight that may help please reply if you will.​

Thank You and Blessing to All​
Hi Faolan, and, hey, don't worry about it - I didn't see anything immature. Just questions - that is how a place like this runs. :)