A letter from God?

Bruno's logic

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All this information moving through Space,
Earth has been referred to as a space ship, in orbit around the Sun which is just an average star in orbit around the center of the Milky May Galaxy Which is also in motion in space….
Are the Seeds and DNA on this world are being transported to some destination.
If so,
Who or what is behind this operation?

If we arrive at our destination and the only thing left is a lifeless world orbiting a cold star will the information we carry with us still be transferred?
If we somehow spread our seed throughout the galaxy will our information have a better chance to reach its destination…

Perhaps our planet has already been seeded and we are only the current transporter of the information… DNA….

Is the function of belief a mechanism preprogrammed into our DNA to initiate the process of searching for something that lies beyond our world, our understanding our control?

We are the mail carrier. Life is the important information in the envelope.
It seems that we've opened the envelope and are trying to read the mail…
That’s not our job…
We’re just supposed to deliver our precious shipment of love and laughter, innocence and joy, vision and compassion.
By opening up the seal have we unleashed the fury of the one who originally stamped the letter.
It seems that time is running out.
The mail must get through…

The seed can be replanted…
The envelope resealed…
The carrier fired…

If God mailed a letter to himself what would it look like? Who would be the mail carrier?? How would it be delivered? Who would he write too?