Ads removed

In a couple of cases it was me that got kicked to the curb, so in return there was a couple that I had kicked to the curb for no reason other than I was hurt and wanted retribution somehow.

Regrets "YES", did I try to go back "YES", was I too late in one case "YES", and that is the one that I regret the most! Because I couldn't see the forest for the trees, and now it is my loss indeed. I think now because of that I will be forever searching for someone like her as I never did give her a chance. My mistake, and there is no "Ooops, I'm sorry". As I did try to go back, but I hurt her so badly, and she did nothing wrong but love me for me. I did try very hard, I still place a peach colored rose on her vehicle. So, that she will not forget me and maybe one day she will change her mind about me and want me back.

God Bless brother and "Thank You" for listening to me.

Like the title of the thread says, "ads removed". Stop searching. Simply focus on self and God and what God has in store for self. Enjoy each day, let the people that come into your life enrich it, and you in turn do the same. The past is gone. But there is today and tomorrow. One is a promisarry note and the other is cash in hand...use it wisely and have fun, with life, with people, with challenges, with change.

As for me? I'll try not to be so serious and dead
AT first, I actually enjoyed clicking on the ads, just to see where I'd end up. And the ads changed depending on which forum you were in or what topic was discussed. Sometimes, I found myself down some rabbit hole, all in good fun.

Ah, well. It got redundant anyway. Kudos for ridding that distraction.