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  • Got the Goswami note. Actually his Quantum Mechanics and David Bohms Quantum Mechanics are what I would teach classes out of. I respect him very deeply. That being said, I (philosophically) am neither a materialist nor an idealist, so I tend to read his metaphysical opinions as input or tests for mine. As far as metaphysics and conceptual spirituality (talking about it outside of my direct experience) I sit comfortably in the Organic Philosophy of Whitehead and the Process Theology of Hartshorne (real, real obscure).

    Thanks for the question, though!!
    I would add Moreshi Ueshiba, Ham Sok Hon, and Rufus Jones ... my taste runs twords the unknown mystical giants.
    hey Mark, just signed in 2 reply to a PM, im doin fine dude. Whats goin on with you?
    ah yes tis true.

    do you think these five fingers are the king's new clothes?

    and where do these people live? I couldn't run a hundred yards barefoot on a pavement without being impaled by broken glass or something equally unpleasant...
    ha ha! I must be ahead of the game cos it's been a while since I was a high miler! Will look into this minimalism...
    naw, my lil brother's the guitar nut

    I started with an acoustic like a decade ago, but i got bored

    (i had a really crappy acoustic, that might have had somethin 2 do with it)
    Gibson SG 61 Reissue, eh?

    Quite a piece of hardware u got there buddy

    ... now that's somethin those guitarhero tards can't put in there avatars !!
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