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  • Unitarian Universalist.... I can't speak to their beliefs...I have been in a couple of their churches, attended their services and didn't find anything objectionable... They were open to all, including atheists, all questioners, explorers of beliefs...and very active in the of the churches I would even call activists...on civil rights.
    ah... I just saw your question in Judaism...and sorry memory ain't so hot and didn't think of checking intros... I rank high in liberal quaker, UU, and buddhism....
    Have you tried this? Belief-O-Matic | What Do I Believe | Faith Quiz | What's My Religion | Spiritual Beliefs Quiz -

    interesting quiz
    Hi there. I think I did that friend request right. It's a bit of forum technology that I don't completely understand.

    Anyway, Just wanted to say Thanks! for your kind invitation.

    All the best to you and yours. Michael
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