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  • I hadn't realized you had returned a message. �� I had visited your page here to send a private message.

    It seems everyone I know had a crush on a girl named Michelle. �� Guess the name is fairly popular. For people my age, the Beatles can be blamed. ��
    Michelle. One of my favorite names! Had a crush on a girl named Michelle in high school. Got her to go to the Prom with me. My mom couldn't stand her. lol.

    And you're not as all scattered as that. Wil takes the prize on that one. Besides I don't judge people. Well not too often anyway. <smirk>
    You accepted the request right and have Thomas now too so, you must have the hang of it. If we are going to be on a real name basis, my name is very nearly yours; I'm Michelle :). Anyways, I'm glad all my scattered thinking hasn't left you to judge me.
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