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  • Thank you so much Phyllis! And a whole bunch of ear scratchin' for the kitties about!
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" reads the banner hung with expert care by the attendant menagerie of kitties, ferrets and lunamoths, all of whom pounce with glee upon their surprised "staff" purrson, creating a huge dogpile tickle fest.
    How can I not stop by after such an invitation? I hope all is well with you and yours.
    Lots and lots of scratches behind the ear for Chii, and any Turkish Vans who may be laying about...

    I'm sorry for your friend. Jamaica is a tragedy I'm sure for those caught in the cross-fire. Mexico is no better, the borders with Texas and Cali are almost as bad. I understand why Arizona did what they did, even if there are political repercussions.

    But...that's the drug wars for ya...
    Oh, its a mech! You may not believe it, but I probably played the first 3d mech game for about 10 minutes back in 1996. It was all about fighting other mechs to earn money for upgrades to your own mech. Very nice considering the computing power available.
    A little kitty draped in black sneaks in, cloaked by shadows, with an evil sparkle in her eye. Is there a large ball of string or perhaps a mouse to be toyed with around here?
    Hi Phyllis! Thank you for the notes on my page and PM. All is well, just very busy with kids home and Christmas coming. We had a nice visit with my family last week. Hope you and the kitties are having a splendid holiday season.

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Muslimwoman opens her door and hears a tiny little meow .. her door is opened wide, MW always has an open door policy for kitties and always has a tin of sardines at the ready for any hungry little friends.
    Thank you Phyllis! Been a little under the weather...looks to get a little worse before it gets better, but I'm hangin' in there.

    Scratches behind the ears for all the furred purrsons.
    just visiting. let me know if you want the solution to world hunger or anything
    such a thoughtful kitty - the family that submitted that wonderful receipt lives on the slopes of haleakala (hale - house, a - of, ka - the, la - sun) and I will be thinking of such beauty when I prepare the treat. mahalo nui, poh
    surely not...public domain and all that...

    youse just soooo polite....
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