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  • Would you like a link to Chii's adventures? Chii is the little kitten shown pawing the keyboard on my personal space here, and she has her own comic book series (actually, it's a manga series.)

    Just let me know if you would, and I'll post it here. :)
    More :kitty:s for your enjoyment (they're all up for adoption, and sometimes a :kitty: that's up one day finds a new territory the next, or something like that): Wisconsin Humane Society - Available Cats
    *a mixed-breed :kitty: stretches her belly into MW's ministrations, gently grasping the Muslim's wrist in her front paws.

    *after nearly a minute, the :kitty: lets go, then starts delicately marking MW's portion of the board, including MW herself*

    Consider your visitor message board no longer yours. *meowr*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Hi Seattlegal, I have joined the group and shall try to get my head round the technology and get a piccy of my gorgeous kittycat up.
    A kitty cat mentioned to me that you might be interested in joining a forum social group:
    Cat and other Critters Lovers :)
    *smile* I was trying to make a joke about computer hackers. They like 2600 for some reason, but very few people know that. I will remember not use this joke ever again.
    You have 2600 posts today. That means you must change your description to 'Hacker Community Member'.
    *the :kitty: delegation takes the bedraggled Egyptian shorthair in paw, first giving her a thorough bath, then guides her to a feeding station with fresh food and cool running water, following all of that up with curling up around her as she falls asleep in their midst*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Hi Sally,

    I see you've got the hang of the friends thing. If I can get my head round all this new fangled stuff I'm sure someone who runs a website can! Good to see you back here!

    Hi Juantoo, gosh this new forum is a bit complicated. All is fine here thanks, how are things your end?
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