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  • I've been a pauper a piper a puppet - a pawn and a king … Up and down over and out and I know one thing … that's life
    Fire dragons and fire birds fly high in the sky and settle down below. I wonder what's between them though. Will you tell me if you know?
    The phoenix is a wonderous kind of fowl or bird or would they be considered messengers? Maybe angels from far away.
    Life and death, love and wrath, fear and comfort are coins - Like God and the devil, darkness and light, faith and doubt peace and a fight.
    If your gate is in need of keeping - Be the keeper. If force is applied, the reaper won't hide and grim will greet them with a vengeance.
    Since you seem rather knowledgeable in this regard, perhaps I could trouble you with one more question. Is there any general formula for making the prompts as you described for youtube videos? For example, how would I go about writing such prompts for videos on facebook or some other web sites, to post on this forum? Thank you.
    I apologize for bothering you with this. I tried cutting and pasting the prompt you suggested.

    - Am I supposed to keep the spaces before "youtube" and after the "slash" in the brackets?
    [ youtube] [/ youtube]

    - When I preview the post, am I supposed to see the video in the preview window? If so, it's still not working for me because I just see the prompt written as is without any video.

    - Also, if the prompt works, would I see just the video or the whole web page on which the video shows up (i.e., with other videos and comments, etc.). I would like only the video to show up.

    Thank you much.
    Yes, I journeyed long (started with Yoga) but Hermetics and finally the Hermetic Quabbalah the ultimate science to study (in my humble opinion) - The ultimate self-help. Cheers
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