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  • I've been a pauper a piper a puppet - a pawn and a king … Up and down over and out and I know one thing … that's life
    Fire dragons and fire birds fly high in the sky and settle down below. I wonder what's between them though. Will you tell me if you know?
    The phoenix is a wonderous kind of fowl or bird or would they be considered messengers? Maybe angels from far away.
    Life and death, love and wrath, fear and comfort are coins - Like God and the devil, darkness and light, faith and doubt peace and a fight.
    If your gate is in need of keeping - Be the keeper. If force is applied, the reaper won't hide and grim will greet them with a vengeance.
    Since you seem rather knowledgeable in this regard, perhaps I could trouble you with one more question. Is there any general formula for making the prompts as you described for youtube videos? For example, how would I go about writing such prompts for videos on facebook or some other web sites, to post on this forum? Thank you.
    Thank you, Gatekeeper.
    Thank you, Gatekeeper.
    Now, it works, but when I click on the video it says "Embedding disabled by request."
    How do I unrequest it?
    I apologize for bothering you with this. I tried cutting and pasting the prompt you suggested.

    - Am I supposed to keep the spaces before "youtube" and after the "slash" in the brackets?
    [ youtube] [/ youtube]

    - When I preview the post, am I supposed to see the video in the preview window? If so, it's still not working for me because I just see the prompt written as is without any video.

    - Also, if the prompt works, would I see just the video or the whole web page on which the video shows up (i.e., with other videos and comments, etc.). I would like only the video to show up.

    Thank you much.
    Thank you.
    I tried [ youtube] The Allies of Humanity part 1 - YouTube [/youtube ]
    But it doesn't work.
    Hi Gatekeeper,

    Could you tell me how you attached the youtube video within your post, rather including the links of the video? Thanks.
    Yes, I journeyed long (started with Yoga) but Hermetics and finally the Hermetic Quabbalah the ultimate science to study (in my humble opinion) - The ultimate self-help. Cheers
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