Ban the

I agree with the ban, but I dont think it will happen not in the UK not any time soon anyway.
Interesting, thanks for the post. Why do you agree with it? Also, why do you think it won't happen in the uk?

well I agree with the ban for security and community integration.

It wont happen in this country because we are to soft.
why would one decide to create a ban?

How many acts of criminal acts do we have on record as having been done from behind a burka?
actually, wil, we've had a number of robberies and a number of people (e.g. suspected terrorists) evading detection that way, it can't be allowed. i have nothing against modest dress nor the hijab, but in this society hiding your face sends a message of criminality which, for the vast majority of muslims, is quite simply misleading and divisive. in any case, you should not be allowed to wear a niqab (veil) anywhere where you're not allowed to wear a motorcycle helmet or a balaclava - i.e. when you're doing a job which involves interacting with people, or your identity needs to be known for security purposes. that rules it out in the vast majority of situations, although i would not have a problem with, say, a niqab being worn in a mosque.


If there have been robberies of women wearing burkas I can understand it.

It just seems like in our society today we'd have had that kind of thing blasted all over the news. So tis my ignorance, I haven't heard of a burka robber or burka suicide bomber...
lol I always have thoughts. If I keep it simple it's "fit in, or get out." lol.... We are alien cultures.... And of course it is seen as acceptable and nothing out of the norm in the East... But, this, is the west... And here most people are simply not comfortable having to interact with masked people.... And of course the claims of criminal activity is very logical... Of course you can take part in criminal activity in such dress.

And I think it is fair for them to have to adapt... If many from here were to go there... We would have to adjust and adapt... And I would respect that.
In the US constitution we have the right to an alias, so probably I'd say burkas are constitutionally legal here. There are places where you are not guaranteed a right to wear the burka. You may use it to avoid going to court just as long as you are not caught and identified first. It is like a game. Once you are caught, then your identity can be verified. You have the right to an alias but you remain the same person in the eyes of the law.
If women want to hide behind a veil due to low self-esteem.......let them.
They would, however, not be permitted to play blackjack in Vegas.

I like the motorcycle helmet idea.....install a cell phone and a fan to keep cool, and a filtration system to clean the air, and a variable tint visor with a HUD for maps and such;);)
It looks to me like the ban will not go ahead in France.

It should be up to the government to decide, as they are voted in by the public, essentially the government should be the voice of the public. Whether they are or not is an entirely different matter!