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    May i please know if there is anyone here with the practice of Kabbalah ,i am a biginner snd need much lectured on the ancient secrets
    Hey people Alex/17th here been so long I got no idea what my log in details are for this account LOL. Wow flashback for sure lots of memories here.
    Hey 17th, remember the penguin? I'll be logging more now, after a 3 year break. Hope your still around?
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    LOL mate, who's Spratt is it? Really cool to see a post from you, hopefully one day you'll check back and see this yeah man I remember you of course, this was like a digital family here. Hope where you are man you are well. :)
    I saw something that made me think of you. This story might p!ss you off so, before you look at it, take a VERY deep breath.

    ?Grieving? dog refused to leave dead dog?s side | The Sideshow - Yahoo! News

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    Thanks Alex, I'm diggin the sci-fi images you're using for an avatar, where did they come from. Did you draw them?
    Yeah I was reffering to the Chuck Lidell mohawk...mixed martial arts...

    no more mohawks for me, won't be long I'll be headed to the reverse hawk...as the top is the thinnest....I cut 12" off my hair last december but I still got enough for a great combover!
    Happily feeling my way around. I've currently got the work issues you used to talk about and am trying to take full advantage of it.
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