The Assay of Mark Twain About the Jews

"I observe this"

Science tries to decipher "this" - what is it which I am observing? How has this come to be?

Religion tries to decipher "I" - who has formed the "I" statement? Who am I?

Truth knows only the observing - it is the transcendence of the duality to realize only the activity is true, now no question arises.
I bet he is loyal and royal to his Jewish ness

If this is me, you got it wrong, brother. Am one of "non-dogmatic protestents".

PS ben -- you might want to look up some papers by Michael Heller. He is both Theology Instructor at Pontifical School and the (probable) next head of the Papal Observatory. As a mathematician and cosmologist as well as Jesu Priest, he is on your side (very good, IMHO, cosmologist and theologian).
How can you say this?

There is only one reality, physics is merely encountering that which has been called God in the past - quanta. Now, you can dispute all you like whether it aligns best with this religion or that - you are merely debating who has best described it - but it is impossible that they will not eventually be in agreement.

What can be said is that what physics knows of the very small religions say is the case all the time - that masses we encounter are merely our perception, in fact it is much like a magnet propelling the opposing force away... for instance, do you think you are sat on your seat this moment? Science says you are actually hovering over it, just like if you put two magnets into a tube opposed to one another - they will not touch, they will stabilize a set distance depending on the force applied.

Another thing, physics currently talks about the Unity Field - this is EXACTLY what religions call God, and science has shown the truth of it, that there is a pervading oneness throughout existence. There are wild and crazy myths surrounding this encounter, but in the end all talk about this oneness of all things, this integrated whole which underlies existence.

To say that theology and physics disagree is just ignorance - only problem is both the religious masses and the scientific minds insist it is not the same thing. They seem to have drawn up separate universes, but it is naught but their ego - both are right, but they have fought for hundreds of years! It is not so easy to kiss and make up when you have defined yourself through the other...

Science is the study of the outer, religion is the study of the inner, Pythagoras so many years ago has warned against them being split but man is essentially stupid because of his ego, and thus they were split. Now we must bring them back together. There should not be a choice between the two, we should be expanding in both directions.

Who is talking about religion? You get startled and ask, "how can you say this?" and go a long way through your reply talking about religion. IMO, Theology has a lot to do with Philosophy and nothing with religion or Physics.
It has to be understood: science and religion are complimentary.

Religion is rightly the study of the subjective - where philosophy and psychology and the like create of the subject an object of study, religion goes far more deeply. Science is the study of the objective - what we encounter is the nature of science, it can say nothing of our being. In fact though, it is perfectly beautiful that science has moved to also include that which can be observed within - it now also studies thoughts and the like, as well as medicine and so forth.

Religion is the discovery of that which science has arisen in. Science means "that which is known", religion is the study of the unknown. True religiousness means you live with an awareness of that which is unknown, a deep rememberence of the very nature of existence. If your religion doesn't go into this, you should seek another avenue which delves deeper. This is that which is referred to as the mystery, and a religious person lives it, he doesn't believe it.

Please understand.

Religion is rather the preservation of faith. Philosophy the study of life, and Theology the divination of Philosphy. And Physics the study of matter in motion as it produces energy.
With regards to the issue of being chosen, I look at it not in the sense that God has chosen us but that we have chosen God. As we have taken it too seriously, we have become known as God's chosen people. A whole Bible was written with that in the mind of the writers and the issue became canonized as the truth of the matter.

Please give your opinion about M. Kaplan's view of chosenness.