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I'd propose giving thread creators the ability to close threads that have veered hopelessly off-topic or a way for creators to delete erroneous posts before they do.
I did that once...

And people freaked out as to over moderation... I had said in the op I would delete anything that went off topic...

That in itself.caused everything to go off topic.

I am resigned to the fact that threads are like conversations...they meander and go off tangent and just because the thread starter wants to talk about one thing ....sometimes nobody else does.
I think it's worth trying again. Cut down the number of pissing contests if nothing else.
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One problem that I can see is when you get a "troll" who will open a thread, get several people ready to come to blows, then close the thread (or s/he will close the thread if the desired reaction doesn't come to fruition.) I believe that there were a few back when IBrian "hired" moderators for the different subforums (I could list a few names that come to mind, but I won't; I respect most of the current members as well as StevePame too much to dredge up such bitter memories.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
What if the ability of thread creators to close or delete posts within their thread was limited to those members with 100 or more posts? Moderator retains override authority.
I always look at this as somebody else's sandbox that I am playing in.

Not a new sandbox either.

And not ready to build my own sandbox.
Phyllis makes an excellent point. Now that I think about it, the potential for abuse far outweighs the benefit. So as much as I'd like to have better control over the threads I create, I guess Wil is right, can't believe I just said that, leave things alone and accept the BS that goes with it.
It has always been my experience that the right to close and/or delete threads was part of the moderator's job. There have been other boards where just a chunk of comments are excised without affecting the rest of the thread.

Personally I would tend to leave things alone. When I moderated a portion of a genuinely divisive board*, as a general rule I would only delete posts that were outright attacks of one member versus another. Otherwise I tended to let things be. Boards are for the free flow of ideas, good or ugly, stupid or brilliant and often the two in the same post! Let the comments flow.

*You think religion is a tough topic. You should try one on Titanic! I'm serious! People have become bitter enemies for life depending on whether one believed Captain Lord purposefully chose not to come to Titanic's aid or was innocent of the charge as he claimed. And yes, this is still a thing 100+ years later.
I will look into the capabilities of the forum infrastructure to let people moderate their own threads, just so we know if it is possible, as opposed to promising that it will happen. I agree that there is a lot of room for abuse by giving people such power, especially if I can't limit it to people with x number of posts. But if this involves me calling the host, you're all out of luck :p

eople have become bitter enemies for life depending on whether one believed Captain Lord purposefully chose not to come to Titanic's aid or was innocent of the charge as he claimed.
Clearly the man was guilty, but that's because he was a sociopath... (I know nothing about this topic except what I just skimmed in 10 minutes. You weren't kidding AD, there are some vehement arguments on both sides of Captain Lord's intentions. Over my head.)
Amazing, isn't it. I have friends on both sides of the isle on this issue, and it seems beyond absurd to come to hate someone with a passion on something that is so NOT relevant! I mean, in the great scheme of history just how important is this?

Truth is there is so much that can not be clearly 'fact checked' so to speak, that I don't think that it is possible to say 100% one way or the other. Say, I believe I might have made some comments to that affect on this board. :rolleyes:
I have looked into this and I am unable to allow people the option to close their own threads without also giving them the option to close other people's threads, which won't work. I'll keep digging to see if there's some setting I'm missing.