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So in this forum you are not allowed to try and convince people that your religion is true? That's a rule that can never be followed as every debate is simply people arguing for the veracity of their belief system.
You are correct, that is what folks struggle with.

That and having to back up statements with evidence. There is one thing when someone states a tenant of their faith...that is based on faith and belief. But when someone makes a historical statement and can't support it....this a different story.

If you believe in miracles, that is your belief. But if you say that it is a miracle that an image is on may be contested.
I realize it is a difficult concept to grasp at first...nobody here is shopping for a new religion, we are all comfortable where we are at. What this place is for is finding ways to communicate between the faiths.

No one faith is better than any other...that would be premise number one.