Which history would you visit?

Am just going by what Jenna said. Ahmadiyya Islam, Dawoodi Bohra, and the Naqshbandiyya order are huge influences in both Pakistan and India, are they not? What do I have wrong here?
Viking exploration would be cool (If you were on their side!)

I have been watching Vikings on the History Channel, so my view of that era may be slightly tainted by that!
I watch a lot of documentaries on several different channels and will watch a well made movie that appears authentic for the era. I can rough it from time to time but there would be so many things I'd really miss like real toilet paper. Actually I don't think I'd want to go back not that I'm not interested but the way humans have detroyed so much of what was. I think I'd want to go about 50 years into the future.
That could be a very grim visit indeed, if current population growth and resource depletion ends up being correct as many have theorized.
Yes, it could very well be. But I'm hoping the human race get's their collect act together to improve the earth. It starts on the individual level and I hope it will and hope it moves up to corporations.
Am just going by what Jenna said. Ahmadiyya Islam, Dawoodi Bohra, and the Naqshbandiyya order are huge influences in both Pakistan and India, are they not? What do I have wrong here?
1. I get this from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deobandi:


In Pakistan

Some 15 per cent of Pakistan's Sunni Muslims would consider themselves Deobandi and according to Heritage Online, nearly 65% of the total seminaries (Madrasah) in Pakistan are run by Deobandis, 25% by Barelvis, 6% by Ahle Hadith and 3% by various Shia organizations. The Deobandi movement in Pakistan was a major recipient of funding from Saudi Arabia from the early 1980s up until the early 2000s, whereby this funding was pulled in favor of the rival Ahl al-Hadith movement. Having seen Deoband as a counterbalance to Iranian influence in the region, Saudi funding is now stricly reserved for the Ahl al-Hadith.

In the United Kingdom

According to The Times, about 600 of Britain's nearly 1,500 mosques are run by Deobandi affiliated scholars, and 17 of the country's 26 Islamic seminaries follow Sunni Deobandi teachings, producing 80% of all domestically trained Ulema.


Deobandis primarily follow the Hanafi school of jurisprudence, and follow the Ash'ari and Maturidi schools of Islamic theology. Shah Waliullah, the founder of the Deobandis, was influenced by Ibn Taymiyyah, who also inspired Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, founder of Wahabism in Saudi Arabia."

2. I get this from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barelvi:

"India Today estimates that the vast majority of Muslims in India adhere to the Barelvi movement, and The Heritage Foundation, Time and The Washington Post both give a similar assessment for the vast majority of Muslims in Pakistan. Political scientist Rohan Bedi estimates that 60% of Pakistani Muslims are Barelvis."

3. and this from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahl-e-Hadith:

"The term Ahl al-Hadith is often used interchangeably with the term Salafi or as a branch of the latter movement. The Ahl al-Hadith are often called Wahhabis by their adversaries, though the movement itself claims to be distinct from Wahhabism. The movement has the most adherents in the Indian subcontinent, where it possesses some notable distinctions from the Salafi movement, most of whose adherents are found in the Arab world and Indonesia. The combined number of adherents in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are estimated to range between 59-64 million. In the modern era, the movement draws both inspiration and financial support from Saudi Arabia."

My conclusion:

So, these are the main islamic influences in India/Pakistan/Bangladesh. Barelvis accept Sufiism as valid (like Nakshbandi and other orders), where as IMV, the other two don't, Ahl-e-Hadith being the latest influence from Saudi Arabia. Ahmadiyyas are not considered muslim by the majority muslims and Dawoodi Bohras and Ismailis form a small percentage of muslims in India and Pakistan (Gilgit). I hope I am somewhere near truth and this is helpful.
I may add that while Deobandis were against partition of India, Barelvis favored it. At present all Ulama (mullahs) are being radicalized by oil-rich Saudi Arabia and other Middle-East countries.
I would like to visit the Achaemenid empire of Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great. I'd like to learn more and see Persepolis for what it was instead of the ruins it is today.
Actually I'd go back to the time of Alexander the Great, give him penicillin to stop him from getting sick and also make sure he doesn't order the destruction of Persepolis.