The treasure and shame of organized religion.


It is beyond their understanding to accept other beliefs as a ything but blasphemy and heresy. All the devout anything have had issues here.

And any believer in any tradition will have moments of turmoil and raised blood pressure here.

We all prefer the sanctity of segregated thought supported by similar minds, all rowing in the same direction.

Catholics or Muslims, or theosophists...have a challenge here....more orthodox...more likely for more issues.

Remember MuslimWoman. Christian turned Muslim by reading the Quran. An open mind leads to change of belief when new info is presented. But as she went down the path fully growing in her new found faith she had to leave us. She could no longer communicate with us. I loved her explanations of the clothing, her conversion, her moving to Egypt...but then we became a sin she could no longer abide. We lost her to the orthodoxy which cannot allow thoughts counter to Tradition.

You are a rarity my brother. All who are here for conversation and enlightenment are a rarity! The normies are those that come to pontificate, "educate", proselytize and convert....

Nobody likes their beliefs challenged....and most organized religions don't want their congregations to explore other is a fear of loss...a fear their hooks are not in tight enough for other beliefs to not challenge.

All my opinion of course...but I think you guys rock (if i am honest, mostly because you let me splash in this pool)
Yes, but something too often forgotten is that we also need to build each other up.

"WE," collectively, all of us, spend so much time tearing each other down, reinforcing stereotypes and prejudices....and we forget that families - brothers and sisters - build each other up even more than they tear each other down.
It isn't difficult to crash anybody's house of cards.
So true...that is why I fully support knowing and exposing all the faults of my understandings and belief. Any organization I hang my hat on will have issues...if I cannot face those issues...and accept them. Then I will have triggers that upset me. I wish to go into things eyes wide open.

As I said, I question many of Unity's interp, am embarrassed by their racist past, but I don't deny or argue the issues. I don't argue it was pre.civil rights south...they should have done better...just as the US should have done better at freedom and liberty for all and equal justice under the law.

I don't rally against whites but white supremacy.

Am not against men, but patriarchy.

Not against cis gender folk but homophobia.

In my opinion, we all got some stuff to work on. And in my case increasing the building up and not the tearing down should be on the some take introspection personally.