Finish the sentence: "I love it when...."

I don't idealize those types of prayers, but I'm just being honest because I've been fed-up with the mistreatment of black women from white and other black people (even though it almost seems like many of them like to be mistreated by black men because many of them are severely brainwashed).
Surviving R.Kelly docuseries was a huge eye opener for me. Not so much as the sick and twisted man himself.. but how are society enabled him and turned away from the issue when confronted with it.
I didn't catch most of what he was in the news for, and I hate some of the things he did, but i did feel some sympathy for him as i noticed a lot of people ganging up on him and I would't kick a man when he's down. it seemed like he had the whole world against him on youtube but i do pity him and he definitely made some great music. Ihaven't been up on the whole story and you probably know it better than me
...when I spill my 9 dollar smoothie all over my table (definitely not being sarcastic) 🫠