the "dark side" in religions

What do you mean with Death? According to the book of the law of Crowley:

The khabs is in the khu and not the khu in the khabs.

Many people seem to believe, that the soul is in the body. During my initiation with Andreas Firewolf, I came to see, that the body is an emanation of the soul.

I am not a christian or yew, but in the bible it is said, that Adam and Eve became a shamed of themselves and covered themselves with an animal cloth or hide. One can interpret this as souls covering themselves with an animal body.

According to my belief, the soul inspires an ape, it emanates wisdom into the ape. But it is not the ape. So if the ape dies, is that death?

I also learned, that within a relatively short period of time (about 50 billion years) all heath in the universe will be distributed evenly in the universe and all activity will stop. I don't believe that. I am inclined to follow the theory of Andreas Firewolf. When the universe is finished with expanding, gravity will pull all matter back into a gigantic black hole. Pressure and temperature will continue to increase until another big bang.

I have been told, that such believes are common among ancient hindu's, who believed that the universe was created by Brahman while he was breathing out. After a while he will breath in again and the universe will vanish.

Besides this, there is something like the death of the soul. The soul changes, so it is not a constant thing. Everything that changes came into existence one and someday it will fall apart. Or it will be torn apart. The death of the soul is a terrible thing, that should be avoided. To avoid the deatht of the soul, one has to strengthen the soul. The soul can be strengthened by breathing (prana-yama), TRANCE-FORMATION or active meditation and by sex. The sexual energy in the ape that is inspired by me can be used for the regeneration of the soul. I think, that is the most precious teaching I received from Andreas Firewolf.

In many religions sex is something bad, ape-like. In my believe-system it is the well of regeneration for the soul. That doesn't mean that I have sex with everyone. When the etheric, emotional, mental or spiritual body of a person is dirty, it is unhealthy to have initimate contact with that person. Sex can only be rejuvenating for the soul when you have sex with a clean and transformed partner. Then it is no longer sex, but yoga.
Very interesting, gwenwifar23.

gwenwifar23 said:
According to my belief, the soul inspires an ape, it emanates wisdom into the ape. But it is not the ape. So if the ape dies, is that death?

Which is me then -- the ape or the external inspiring agent? If the external inspiring agent is the human soul then how can it be the real me if all my perceptions are thoroughly from the ape's point of view?

Just curious.

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Ben Gruagach
The 'darkside' or what i call sin, death and what-have-you. Are all the things of this world. All this comes from material things. And therefore is something we all have to deal with, if it only be for a certain amount of time.
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I assume that by the ‘dark’ side people are referring to the occult .I have read and thought much about both the dark side and the brighter realms of spirituality. I had assumed (like a lot of people )that these were opposed but I get a lot of suggestions through lucid dreaming and in a dream I had recently my guide whose name I won’t give said that she is a master of lucid dreams. So I asked her if she gets deeper into the spiritual meaning of things she has read through LD’s , but she said :" at each step where you get greater understanding of a spiritual mystery you think you are going in one direction only i.e. towards the light but actually its like 2 opposing mirrors that reflect each other the farther you think you are going into the one set of reflections i.e. the 'good’ right hand mirror direction, if you look over your shoulder you see your other self (maybe your shadow self?) progressing exactly just as far into the opposing left hand i.e. dark sequence of worlds. The 2 extremes of spiritual reality are symmetrical .I said to her 'so where we are now is neutral ground exactly half way between the 2 worlds? a kind of baseline reality?’ But when I said ‘reality’ I suddenly remembered this was a lucid dream and not reality at all and so I woke up without an answer .I don’t think this 'vision' of 2 opposing mirror spiritual worlds was original to my dream , I must have read it somewhere but it struck me at the time as some kind of spirit lesson. i.e. that fundamentalists or religious extremists who think they are travelling only in desired 'good' direction are also in a way they themselves can't see developing a powerfull 'evil' shadow self.
Of course, we have to remember that the "dark side"...death, the very process of life. That is, just as much as the "light side"...creation, flourishing.

If babies were only born and never died, then eventually babies couldn't be born anymore because there wouldn't be any room for them. This goes, in a metaphorical sense, for pretty much any dualism between "light" and "dark", "life" and "death".

The irony is that if we didn't eventually die, we would feel like automatons. We would feel totally unnatural, alienated from everything in the Universe. Our life, that we breath, implies death, that we must one day exhale our last breath. What goes up, must come down, after all.