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I've noticed a couple of people complaining that they feel they can't post critical comments of a specific faith on that faith board.

There are lots of boards at CR - if you want to make critical comments, we've tried to make ample room.

For example, if you want to make critical comments on Christianity from a Gnostic perspective, don't do it on the Christianity board - go to the Esoteric board where we already have discussions on Gnosticism.

If you want to post why Christianity is better than Islam, don't do it on the Islam board - do it on the Christianity one.

There are 26 different discussion boards on CR - if you feel that your posting on 1 would be too critical for it, try a different one - we've tried to make room to accomodate all faiths, so if it's not suitable to make comments on one, start a new thread on a more appropriate one stating your own position.

Hope that helps.
hi Brian:)

i agree with your points of being critical, where to do it & thanks for pointing that out. i am not real critical of established religions or at least try not to be.

i dont understand why the gnostics can't have their own discussion forum. you offer some of their writings but there really is no place for them to speak what they really feel & believe or to discuss their wiritngs.
Gnosticism is a valid religion. there is a society & many churches today. when they come here, they always have to go to msyticism, christian, comparative or a different forum.
now, i dont understand the whole concept or the reasoning behind gnosticism or even where it really started, but the thought itself appears to be prior to Christ & a mixture of some form of eastern thought mixed with Jesus. i dont really see it coming out of a Judasim, Mystic only, or Christian foundation .

i see more thought & threads that would apply to it than what i see in
Hare Krishna & Rastafari religion.

If i were gnostic & i came here i would not feel like there was a place for me, so i would not join & if i did i would not stay very long. i dont understand why there cant be 27 forums & thus allow the gnostics to decorate & grow their own little walled garden:) . i would participate on it & ask questions as time permits & i feel this would really help resolve a lot of issues between Christians & Gnostics & offer a better opportunity for understanding each other. the conflict is never going to end, but maybe you could see that some things would be better understood & be a leader in that here at CR.

on the other hand, it might make things worse- i dont know.:)

i am not trying to be difficult, but rather help resolve & i just do not understand the motive(s) or lack of motive.
well, maybe i do & that is better left unsaid.

will you at least think about it & try it & see what happens?
what do you say?
No, it's a good point - I'll check out what we have under the Esoteric section and have a look at forming a Gnosticism board over the next few days, if it looks feasible.
Just a few words from Webster, which necessarily must be considered if creating a Gnostic(ism) forum:
"Gnosticism: the thought and practice especially of various cults of late pre-Christian and early Christian centuries distinguished by the conviction that matter is evil and that emancipation comes through gnosis"
Do at least remember that there are many (such as myself) who believe in the value of Gnostic teachings, who might even accept the latter portion of this definition as being at least partially correct, and yet who would also disagree most strongly with the idea that matter is truly "evil" (unless speaking symbolically).

The definition of Gnosis ("esoteric knowledge of spiritual truth held by the ancient Gnostics to be essential to salvation") is much less debatable, but I would already anticipate some amount of discussion/debate regarding just exactly what constitutes "true Gnostic teaching(s)" vs. what is simply esoteric, non-conventional, or heretical ... as regarded by mainstream Christianity in some particular day. In & of itself, all this discussion would probably be most fascinating, but I also wonder - could we even rightly call Gnosticism a "religion?"

Such thinking and movements such as the recent Theosophical Movement, (19th Century) Spiritualism, Freemasonry, Rosicrucianism, and various other esoteric disciplines or spiritual paths ... may very well not fit the typical definition of religion, although all most certainly fit one of Webster's definitions: "a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith."

Just musings ...

Indeed - Gnosticism tends to spread out to other systems, hence why I was hoping before that the Esoteric section would better encompass them, but it's worth my revising the situation.