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Ah, just waiting for FeiLong and Soi Fong to exit the Chinese New Year festival just across the "street" from the computer lab (as well as several other members of "the clan". :eek:) We've already had many, if not most, of the "lucky" dishes traditionally served when it actually was Chinese New Year (FeiLong was grateful for everybody's participation in the Dragon Dance as well as all of the cooking/cleaning/preparing the traditional red envelopes.) Right now he's munching on mandarin oranges, cedar-plank-cooked salmon and lychees (We splurged a bit. :eek:)

Classes are going okay for everyone going, I guess. Tao's taking a college-level philosophy class in metaphysics (sometimes I dislike him, but not long.) Unfortunately his "regular" classes are too easy for him (much to FeiLong's chagrin.) The youth has his own fan club here (too cute for his own good. :rolleyes:) He's lucky that there are several "uncles" and "aunts" keeping an eye on him (he avoided a "mickey" which, if he had partaken of it would've sent him straight to the hospital and his "father" straight on the warpath [see incident at the restaurant after Belinda's allergic reaction/stroke].) Anyway, several of the "uncles" and "aunts" are going to teach the miscreants a lesson they won't soon forget ("Here they come. . . There they are. . . :confused::eek::p)

Oops, gotta go. Ryoutou's at it again as is Keigo. :rolleyes:

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The "clan" had an interesting time speaking about our "beloved" governor's proposed budget. I mean, Mamoru (the swordsman) blew several minds when he entered the rooms with his chosen service animal (Kuma the Bear, not Koru the Panther this time. :rolleyes:) Kuma was lucky that the police officers didn't shoot him, but there were a few close calls, especially when several "Voucher Kids" decided to entertain themselves at Kuma's expense (Mamoru was ready to draw his sword from his cane to ward off the brats, but Keigo reminded him that he would be the one in trouble, not the kids nor their parents/teachers [never thought I would be grateful to Keigo for being the level-headed one. . .].)

Our days started rather early (7 am last week Tuesday and 7:30 am Friday) and ended quite late (10 pm Tuesday and 11:30 pm Friday.) We took up several busses since we are a rather large group by ourselves and the drivers Tuesday found themselves dealing with several people they never encountered before (especially Komamura, who inadvertently caused the driver to require the loo after one look [:eek:] and Shigure, who caused a bit of trouble with a kid who tried to rob her bus's occupants [:p].) We packed our own lunches since many of us are on restricted diets (one way or the other) and several of the other groups were more than interested in what we had (poor Kirishima and Suoh were inundated with requests for the recipes/"receipts" by other participants, who were limited to simple "subs", chips/crisps and water.) The second "interview" was rather memorable when, during the introductions, I blurted out "My condolences," to the intern (he is/was an advanced college student in political science) and I cracked up everyone in the office, especially the aides and the intern himself (oops. :oops:) Friday was a fiasco due to the fact that we all arrived in time to sign up to speak (9 am) and we didn't speak until roughly 6:15 pm in spite of the fact that several of the people who "argued" their "case" before our turn had nothing to do with the budget hearings (this was the hearing where Kuma was almost shot, which would've only :mad: him off royally.)

Anyway, we were invited to send our entire arguments directly to both the head of the finance committee, the speakers for both the state senate and the assembly as well as our respective senators/assemblymen (gonna do that later this week [G!d/dess help us all!].)

Oops, gotta run. Several members of the "clan" are looking at me in the "You forgot to pack both your snack and your medications and we're rather upset with you" manner.

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We had to get a new family to help us host our seders because the family we had in the past moved away. Alas, nobody outside our "clan" understands our particular predicament (non-human/oid members, non-Jewish human/oids, etc.) and the situation in Wisconsin has made it more and more difficult for us to afford the food.

Speaking of politics, we're trying to stay out of political discussions about our "beloved" governor (we want to stay out of trouble, especially those of us who are usually armed.) Wren has been going to the artillery range much more frequently (the newer people have been taken aback at the damage his hand cannons and vulcans do.)

Jin has been practicing his kobudo, preparing himself for his upcoming test (he might end up helping other instructors if he passes, which could add some needed income.) We're behind him in this endeavor, of course. Several of the better cooks pack bento and hand them to him before he leaves (cheaper to do that than to go out to eat.)

Oops, gotta go. The staff at the Union has given us the warning.

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I apologize for the delay in this update, but everybody had to finish with their finals (not to mention deal with the enuram coming from our "beloved" leftenant/governor in Madison [the more we know about their shenanigans, the more we hope that they both fade into obscurity, and fast!].) Heck, Asami, FeiLong, Hirato and other "business majors" have been studying the proposed biennial budget and they can't make heads or tails on how it would benefit anybody in Wisconsin (some have been suggesting that I think about moving out of the US asap if Walker wins in 2016, and that takes quite a bit of work, both physical and otherwise [and bringing all of the non-human/oid members of "the clan" would take even more work].)

We also have a possible new residence starting 1, June (the neoPagan members of "the clan" are working on a ritual that would shift the portal to the new place so the future tenants of my current apartment won't be inundated with strangers looking for us, especially if said strangers aren't as patient with outsiders as we are.) I just have to give the managers of the new place a "heads up" about the huge crowd and their shenanigans. *eyes Keigo and Takaba Akihito*

The final from last Thursday was interesting (to say the least.) One of the other students brought treats she received from her parents in Korea (had to reprimand some of the guys with an incurable sweet tooth) so that others at the performance could have some as well, but Kei, Suoh, Ishida and several others (who can cook reasonably well) offered their culinary services for everybody they felt worthy of their talents (including the Korean student.) I can hardly wait for the forthcoming banquet!

Oh, and before I forget, we had to request a couple of semis to pick up our respective donations for the Stamp Out Hunger food drive (we also bribed the drivers with updates on the former food drive poster child in our "clan".) They spent quite a few minutes with him while everybody else loaded up the trucks, talking about what was planned for American Mothers Day ('twas the usual, nothing much.) I ended up getting several toy mice from the :kitty: delegation (rather have those than real mice, guts strewn "all over hell's half-acre" iykwim.)

Oops, gotta go. The "chefs" have sent me the list, and I believe it's the longest I've received from them. Ooh, I see a request for good quality chocolate! *goes off to ponder who wants it and why*

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Well, we're in the new place (scared the sh!t out of our new neighbors let me tell you) and we're "celebrating" National Doughnut Day, some more enthusiastically than others. *eyes several of the male members of the clan, especially Keigo, Ryouto, Akihito and Yogi, who are carrying large boxes of doughnuts/crullers, some with crumbs and/or traces of powdered sugar on their lips*

One of the neighbors ran into Kuma and Koru (the screams were heard halfway down the block.) Nova had to activate his wormhole ability to protect both the bear and the panther, not to mention the screamer.

The claymores and the other weapon specialists have an appointment with the manager to explain why they have to use the storage unit for their guns/knives/swords/hand cannons/etc. I feel sorry for Wren since he cannot show anybody outside the "clan" or the military what can happen to buildings with said cannons, especially since there's a hospital within range.

Oops, gotta go. Several :kitty:s are looking at me as are several human/oid members, Keigo with his semi-detached look. Yes, yes. I'm going to take my meds.:rolleyes:

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Almost everybody's recuperating from a cold or something just as minor due to Caturday (Saturday.)

"What happened?" you ask?

Well, we went to a free outdoor movie (Big Hero 6) and, right when a rather important scene started, the skies opened up spectacularly I mean, everybody was soaked to the skin plus spectacular lightning bolts lit up the sky and thunderclaps shook the ground. We chose not to stick around and wait for the storm to pass (several of "the clan" members said that it looked/felt like the deluge was going to last for quite some time and they are rather knowledgeable in "reading" weather signs.) I joked that I expected an ark to go sailing by in the same direction we were walking (having missed the bus) and the subsequent one was due to arrive roughly thirty-five minutes later (delays due to flooding.) Poor Komamura smelled like a wet dog for a couple of hours (he is a werewolf, in a way.) Luckily we were able to use the laundry rooms both Sunday and yesterday, although we had to triple/quadruple up to keep the proverbial eye on our "buddies" (some will kill first, ask questions of the corpse later, especially our assassins.)

One of the new neighbors has been pestering Kurusu and his daughter (it has taken all of his won'tpower ["I won't remove my gloves and drain all of her good fortune, no matter how much she deserves it!"]) and practically everybody's walking on eggshells since he's a bit "testy" shall we say? The neighbor's one that both the apartment manager and I have instructed everyone to "switch languages" whenever she starts up on her monologue (it's going to be interesting when she encounters Mandarin, several dialects of Japanese, Canbalan, Yogoan, Yakue, Japanese Sign Language, plus a few other non-Earth languages that I won't list [too bloody long, if you ask me].)

Speaking of neighbors, we met several more of our new neighbors and the conversations were a comedy of errors since the neighbors' first languages are either Russian or Yiddish. Several of the babushkas were fussing over everybody, offering their showers as well as hot tea for those who can drink it. Some of "the clan" are going to make stuff to reciprocate (Kei and Suoh are at home using my stove/oven right now as well as most of our supplies [not that anyone minds when they cast their culinary magic. :rolleyes:].)

Oops, gotta go. The weather report just announced that there's going to be more rain (which we don't need right now) and everybody wants to beat the prospective storms. :p:rolleyes:

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The "clan" is going to Summerfest again this year, but they decided to avoid the group that kinda opened it last night, a group that few on the IO board have heard of (the Rolling Stones) due to the exorbitant price for tickets (some going for $9,000, which could reasonably go for a down payment on a car or a condo.) I'm not knocking the band; it's just that there are more important things in life than a concert, especially food/medicine/transportation/housing/etc.

We've also had our first bedbug inspection in the new place (luckily we passed in spite of all of the boxes and the like.) The poor canine that went through the apartment encountered both Kuba's and Koru's scents (the handler couldn't understand why the dog kept whining in that particular way that dogs have when they're terrified.) Tesshou ended up dealing with the situation along with Dog (his dog.)

The pest in the building tried harassing Ryoutou (who is a master at harassing people,) spending close to an hour trying him (I felt sorry for the guy because she wouldn't stop giving him a hard time of it.) As soon as he got back to the apartment, he went straight for the yeast (got pretty much everybody trained.) He baked quite a number of loaves of pan, which is basically Japanese bread that is frequently made into panko (some of the panko ended up in vegetarian "meat"balls and vegetarian "meat"loaves.) Suoh is firing up the pots for his fish boil (kerosene is far enough away from the pots that we're safe.) Several of the new neighbors are watching the security chief very carefully.

Hirato, Ryogo, and several others are keeping up with the news far better right at the moment due to a possible transit strike (just in case it does become a full-blown strike.) If it does, they'll mobilize as much as they possibly can (some of us are going to have to inform our physicians on the other side of town that we can't make it, thus opening up our time slots for patients that aren't affected.) I already gave the doctors a "heads up" about it, which they were grateful for.

Oops, gotta go. Soi Fong, Fei Long, Asami, Kirishima and Suoh are giving me "the look", so I've gotta take my meds and eat or else they're going to give me no end of grief.

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Had to explain the recent SCOTUS decisions to everyone. I included a link to Scalia's dissenting diatribe in my "lecture" (for lack of a better description of the justice's dissention.) They had a difficult time making heads or tails of the thing, including Captain Valentiano whose mother was British. I spared the entire group the stuff from Thomas (didn't think it would have been enlightening going through everything in a way that everyone could understand and yet not get rather "testy".) The :kitty:s have been working overtime, earning their crunchies (Chii has been going nuts with her silvervine scratching post, nearly turning herself inside out with her acrobatics.)

We spent Friday morning and a little of the afternoon in the community garden, getting roughly five pounds of fresh cilantro, two pounds of fresh lemon balm and three pounds of chamomile. We're going to get some fresh dill and other fresh produce from the garden as well (hopefully we're going to avoid the pesky neighbor who doesn't seem to understand the phrase "Leave us alone, please.") Several of us walked to my physical therapy appointment, herbs in hand, stinking up the place. The receptionist looked at our cilantro and asked if it was baby's breath (turned out that he worked in a florist shop when he was in either high school or college. ) When he found out that it was cilantro that had flowered, he couldn't believe it. We ended up chatting about recipes until I went into the therapy room (I think the rest of the guys stayed and continued the discourse.) The therapist asked me about the herbs and we spent about half of the session discussing recipes, the other half was spent discussing languages (I was using Gaelic in the clinic, Japanese in the reception/waiting room.)

Oops, gotta go. Pest is knocking on my door and Shigure is armed and ready for battle, as usual.

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Another day, another fight broken up. Before anyone asks, no, it wasn't in the clowder. Pest decided to give our deaf member a hard time for using Japanese Sign Language (firstly, he wasn't using English and secondly, he wasn't speaking in a way that she could understand.) My thoughts about this are that if he wanted to converse with her, he could/would, even if he had to "call" another member over. It seems to me that she wants to be the center of attention in the complex. :rolleyes: Ryogo had to step in.

Anyway, Tovarish earned her crunchies again this past weekend due to another low. I was lucky that I had access to both ice cream (my freezer) and a vending machine that dispenses tinned carbonated beverages for less that $.70 (the laundry room.) My sugars were 79 when I first took them and a tad lower even after that. Kurusu sent his daughter to get a couple of sodas for me (he didn't want to risk running into The Pest, especially since he was more than willing to remove his gloves iykwim. :confused::eek::p) Anyway, Captain Valentiano took over the main duties in "the clan"'s meal preparations, much to our neighbors' chagrin. I would like to see them try to feed roughly 500 people in one fell swoop, then feed the nonhuman/oids, especially a full-grown ursine (Kuma the Bear) and a full-grown black jaguar (Koru.)

Several of the medical personnel have been getting on my case about contacting my primary care physician about all of my recent lows since I'm not on insulin (the medication I'm on isn't known for causing lows.) Unfortunately, I don't have an appointment with him until late September. I might change to a new person if things don't work out (a PitA in my opinion.)

Oops, Chii and Tovarish are looking at me in the feline equivalent of "If you don't get your snack ready for tonight, I'm going to use you for an all-purpose scratching post, and to hell with our outing tomorrow." :D Gotta go.

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The wanzer pilots are in trouble, although the incident wasn't their fault.

"What happened?" you ask?

Someone pulled out right in front of them earlier, and a few "walked" right over the vehicle, crushing the back end (I think the vehicle was a rear-wheel drive vehicle prior to the incident.) Said offending driver was backing out at the time, too. It nearly ran into the bus I was on as well (the bus driver swerved to avoid the same fate as the offending driver, adding a few choice words into the mix as well.) Ryogo just had his wanzer march right over, then did a taunting wiggle of its tail end (kinda like how little kids wiggle their "cabooses" when they "dance") while his friend Kazuki pretty much gave the errant driver an earful (a rant/lecture that would've made my late maternal grandmother proud) over his PA system. The errant driver yelled at the pilots for ruining the newly purchased vehicle but that got Kazuki even more :mad:. Ryogo just :D and put a few rounds through the engine block (no, he didn't use either the grenade launcher or the missile launcher this time; just his wanzer's shotgun. :eek:)

What made matters worse was that a woman on the bus was giving everybody helloandhowdoyoudo because one of her daughters was thrown forward (the girl refused to sit down and the bus driver had no choice in the matter. If the girl had been seated properly, nothing would've happened.

Oops, gotta go. Wren's about to go hunting for the idjit driver so he could put a round or two into the argument. :eek:

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As I put the quarter in the inconspicuous can, Feather eyed me suspiciously, then declared,
“Me and River don’t need money. Why does You need money?”
“I don’t. My parents would give some if I asked. In fact, they do. But it’s rare. Mostly at Christmas time so I can buy gifts.”
“That’s stupid,” he continued. “They give You money so You can buy gifts for them. Why don’t they just buy the gifts for themselves?”
“Indeed, Feather, I never really understood it myself. Don’t you guys have Imaginary money?”
“Well, yeah, but that’s because we need it. We don’t have parents that buy us anything we ever want. When You goes to town and we tag along, we go into stores and buy stuff ourselves.”
River interrupted, more sanely, “Feather, I think You’s parents are trying to teach him responsibility.”
Another day, another several classes cancelled, including two that I signed up for personally (purrsonaally.) Most of "the clan" are looking for new classes to take the place of their lost credits, including poor Tao. Tao has to get his college classes set so he can get his "regular" classes set. What is worse is that it effects those that may or may not have "jobs" due to student enrollment. *looks at the martial arts "instructors"*

Anyway, we were at an event earlier today and the "talent" that was hired ended up being shown up by my guys, especially Cross. The apartment manager looked at us like we grew five heads each. I informed her when we moved in that we were known for providing entertainment when we lived in our previous apartment (albeit at the farmers markets and the occasional store...)

Oops, just found out the building's closing soon, so I'll update tomorrow.

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We went to PetFest again this year, and Komamura had fun at the expense of several humans (note to self: don't :mad: a werewolf shinigami; he might decide to play tricks on said antagonist if s/he isn't on "the list".)

"What did he do?" you ask?

He decided to go in his canine form, and he also decided to sign up for the dock diving contest. Well, his shortest "dive" was 34 feet 7 inches and his second "jump" was 35 feet 5.5 inches. His "fun jump" ended up having to be done into the lake due to the fact that the pool that was set up didn't extend far enough for him (that "dive" ended up 45 feet 7.5 inches. :eek::confused:o_O)

Anyway, there were a few people who ended up getting escorted off the premises due to the fact that they broke four cardinal rules for the event: 1) Do not bring female animals in heat, 2) Do not bring illegal substances onto the grounds, 3) Do not bring loaded "heat" and/or other weapons onto the grounds, and 4) No soliciting. Poor Shigure felt naked without her various weapons that she almost always has somewhere on her person but, if she can do it, they can do it.

I ended up getting both a :kitty: gift bag (I asked someone at the booth that gave them out last year if they were giving them out again this year and he just handed it to me since I was only the second person to ask about it) and a tennis ball (which I think I'll give to one of the dog owners in the new place unless one of the :kitty: delegation decides s/he wants it for him-/herself.) I just spun the wheel that they had up at the booth and it came up "tennis ball". o_O

I hope nobody here minds that we don't "talk" about the murders that occurred earlier this week live, but everyone here feels that it's really nobody's business what the shinigami are up to (sometimes they don't share their "business" with anyone else, even among each other.)

Someone just fell in one of the hallways and several kids are saying that it looks gross. Well, I just finished watching a video that could outgross anything the idjit did (when at least three incidents involving BMX bicycles end up with the victim going into major seizure....) I had to close the tab before the last "accident" on said video.

Oops, gotta go. Someone pulled the fooking fire alarm here at school, and we have to evacuate. :mad:

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We have eight more members for our "clan". *insert scream that was heard in more dimensions than was thought to exist* Each of the newbies have some form of "anomaly" ranging from burn scars to amputations. The one called "Beast" came face-to-face with Kuma, who swatted her whip right out of her hand (he was doing guide bear duty for Mamoru, and the bear is/was the one that is/was "the lesser of two 'evils'" imho. :mad::eek::p)

We got everyone in the new group situated before getting in contact with a few contacts in the Fine Arts department (new prosthetics for those who require them as well as some makeup to help cover scars and the like for the burn victim.) The one who calls himself "Joker" was quite impressed with our "little" group as was the one called "Dagger" (he was the one that found out about Shigure and her "prowess" with throwing knives and the like.) The ones called "Peter" and "Wendy" came face-to-face with Mon, Yun and Zen (their clothes are currently going through the rinse cycle, iykwim. ;)) "Jumbo" met up with Komamura, who was doing his stint with Belinda along with her "little brother" (the "little brother" was out of school due to an anti-vaccine kid bringing a rather contagious disease into the class, and Belinda's already dealing with enough sh!t imho.) The one called "Snake" encountered Balsa and Tanda first, then FeiLong and Yoh (the latter were carrying their :kitty: companions for our vets to check on.) He was recommended to sit by the wall while they sent one of our vets to do a thorough checkup on them (it was Ryotou who drew the short straw this time...)

We're also preparing for our "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" stuff, and Yogi's filling the newbies in on what we do (Hirato's orders because the leftenant did something that his boss didn't like/appreciate [might've had something to do with the lunar eclipse Sunday/Monday, but don't quote me here].) We've got an order placed at our local sandwich/bread shop for their pink ribbon bagels (the grocery store's providing the "shmear" so others that go to the local shop could/would have cream cheese for other kinds of bagels.)

Oops, gotta go. Betty the Tiger's getting a little frisky with someone who is pestering her. Takaba, Wren, Nova, Koru; you know the drill...

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"Joker" came to my belly dancing class tonight (he was curious about it, he was "free" during that time frame, so he sat in. *shrug*) Afterwards, we slipped on over to the campus computer lab (he's "crowding" me while looking over my shoulder [not that I mind him as much as the dingdong on the other side]) and he brought something to my attention.

As everyone who has been keeping up with "the clan" saga knows, pretty much the entire group likes to perform in one way or another. Anyway, there is going to be a "dance marathon" fundraiser next month and "Joker" said that he thinks it might be fun for everyone in our group who is able to join in to do so. I told him that we'll have to bring it up before the rest of them (I don't volunteer anyone's services without their official okay.) Said fundraiser benefits the Children's Miracle Network (which has benefitted from our performances before, so I guess they can again) and Noah's Ark Circus's top performers haven't seen the entire clan "in action" and vice versa... I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to the "newly expanded" clan...

Roy Mustang gave one of the "transients" something to think about: a real hot foot (as in he set the guy's shoe on fire.) The recipient kicked a feral :kitty:, and Roy decided that the guy didn't deserve his sympathy. He then carefully picked up the feline victim, wrapped her in his jacket, then brought her to our vets. Oh, and it turns out that the jerk has been causing no end of trouble both on campus and in the neighborhood surrounding it. Our beloved pyromancer might have his very own :kitty: soon (if not an entire :kitty: family.)

Oops, gotta go. "Joker" seems to have picked up the cues from several of the "veteran"s concerning my health. Okay, okay. We'll pick up a couple of packages of apple cider doughnuts and a couple of packages of pumpkin doughnuts. Maybe I'll get you a few Honeycrisp apples while we're there...

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We had "fun" at the clinic today. I mean the girls had their "girls" scanned (yep, mammograms.) The newbies sat and watched since they're still too young to go through the procedure, but almost everybody else submitted to the scans. Both "Wendy" and "Doll" ended up being scheduled for ultrasounds (I didn't stick around to find out why, plus it wasn't any of my business at the time) and everyone, including "Joker", "Jumbo" and "Snake", was treated to a Pink Ribbon bagel (it was the first time the newbies have ever had any sort of bagel since they're from the latter Victorian Era.) It was kinda cute watching both "Jumbo" and "Snake" approaching their bagel and cream cheese sandwiches...

Speaking of "Snake", he had a run-in with The Pest (she wasn't happy that he goes around with at least two snakes wrapped around him, plus the fact that he gets several "snake food" [aka rats/mice/etc.] deliveries.) I told her that, unless he gets the rodents, his snakes would find some other item for dinner, starting with the Maltese and the Pomeranian dogs she likes, plus there's a reason he's called "Snake". He's been "requested" to leave the serpents behind during any and all hospital/clinic visits (and we won't even mention classes on campus...)

Ichigo's in trouble because he drew his sword (see Bleach manga/anime canon for reference.) He should learn from the Claymores as well as Shigure about how to get around town without a sword and/or any other weapon. He has the stereotypical redhead's temper. :rolleyes: Asami has already popped him one (luckily sans pistol. :eek: ) Ryoutou slipped a tranquilizer dart and a blowgun into a second fray involving the kid (that veterinarian/physician is rather ;):D imho.)

We also have several new storage lockers (Wren's hand cannons and Vulcans are making the maintenance staff rather nervous, especially since one of our next-door neighbors has been a bit of a nuisance. He doesn't seem to understand that the volume control on his stereo system has the ability to go lower, and it :mad: everybody off, including the wanzer pilots.

Speaking of the aforementioned; oops, we've got company, and it looks like we're going to have homemade pizza tonight. Hey everyone. :kitty: time!

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Oh what a week. The highlight was when quite a few of the adults went to a book signing event downtown (there were about as many of "the clan" as there were "outsiders" It was the first time the newbies were out together at the same time in this plane of existence and, well, they are canonically from Victorian England. Anyway, we had to go through the crowds surrounding the Republican presidential debate's venue in order to get to the signing (I think pretty near everybody here can imagine the :confused: we dealt with) plus there was a sports event in the same area... The writers at the event were quite interested in a few of "the clan", especially since it was the first time that they had ever come across actual people from the different UoD (Universe of Discourse) that our group is made up of (the guests of honor are/were actors initially while my group are from places/situations that the writers have only tried to replicate on stage.)

We also had an incident Monday concerning a couple that were looking for the previous tenant of my apartment. They had a difficult time coming to grips with the person that answered the door (it was "Snake" complete with his snake entourage.) What :mad: me about the entire situation is that they were supposed to be good friends with the woman (good enough to be in her wedding party,) yet they didn't know that she had moved back in June... on top of all that, I temporarily misplaced my glasses due to the interruption. Well, things could've been worse, I guess.

Both Monday and Tuesday a few people from maintenance came over, disturbing Koru, Kuma and Betty while searching for a pesky leak. Tuesday they brought in a plumber for assistance (it's lucky that the feline delegation of "the clan" know when and where to lair since there are so many that I could be accused of hoarding, thus losing my lease/apartment.) I ended up missing a clinic plus a doctor's appointment due to all of the insanity. I made up for the doctor's appointment today (several of "the clan" members described to me what they wanted to do if I missed today's "trip"...:p)

Oh, and we're going to be involved in a fundraising event for the Children's Miracle Network, and the newest guys are busy practicing their acts for their part. We're holding another block party along with the dance marathon that is being sponsored by the university (my guys are going to be wearing hearing protection since it's going to be a bit loud in the "dance".)

Oops, gotta go. "Jumbo" is my current guardian and he's taking his job a bit too seriously. Jumbo, leave those kids be. You don't want to be banned from campus, especially since Caturday is a fundraising event. Nobody here's seen your act, especially the kids that might end up at the hospital-of-honor.

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Our fundraising endeavor was quite successful, plus it was enlightening for our newbies (they can perform their circus stuff without having to kidnap anybody: win/win situation! :D) Anyway, we had three different circus troupes performing throughout the weekend (our fundraising gig lasted until last night, :rolleyes:) and there was also the juggling of our classes between everything.

We're also getting ready for the annual trek to the Folk Fair (can't wait to see how our newbies deal with this, especially with the different groups that "the clan" are aching to reconnect with [I think I'm hearing chants of "fry bread" coming from everybody]. :rolleyes:) Narazaki's already texting the reenactors, letting them know that he's ready to camp out with them in spite of the weather.

Speaking of the weather, the snow spirits are heading our way from Antarctica (they need the cold in order to function.) I'm going to introduce them to the newbies as soon as I can so that they are up-to-date with who's who. I also need to let the snow spirits know where we're living now as well (I don't know how the neighbors are going to react to them, especially since the snow spirits have been known to go outside in summer clothes in the middle of a polar vortex, sans coats.) Now that I think about it, how will the newbies react... Might set up a potluck buffet in the apartment, and I might try making vegetarian chicken adobo (an experiment, as usual. :rolleyes:)

Oops, gotta go. A couple of the indigent population that like to hang out on campus are giving several of my "bodyguards" a hard time, and one of them is Wren...

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine