LC board & wil

Snoop--At the bottom of the Interfatih Forums page there is a link that says "View Forum Leaders".
My understanding is: Everyone is free to post in every board. If the topic has to do with Christianity then put it in the Christianity forum. If the topic is controversial, you can probably expect to be challenged but civility is still the rule.

I think you can also place topics related to Christianity in Belief and Spirituality, Esoteric, New Age, Comparative...depending on what the topic is. Depends on what kind of perspectives you hope to draw I would say.

It's a work in progress.

That's also my understanding. :)
Mabrook Wil, great choice Brian (that is choosing Wil not removing a board) lol
Brian, you've picked a fine choice. Wil is the type of fellow that in many instances has shown a cool head during the most controversal discussions. He has brought fresh perspectives to the arguments. And though he has eloquently expressed his opinion on matters, he isn't too particularly biased.

Congrats Wil, you will make a fine moderator.

And as far as getting rid of the LC board, well, I hope that this works out amicably. I'm willing to be more open to new ideas and learn, though you will still see a conservative streak emerge from me. But I will respect the opinions of others.
Wil, I just hope you don't make me stand on the naughty spot too often.
Snoop--At the bottom of the Interfatih Forums page there is a link that says "View Forum Leaders".

Come on kids join in and shout - "oh no there isn't". Or am I just being blonde again?
MW--from this thread, go to the top of the page and click "Interfaith Forums". Then scroll all the way down right past the Feedback board. See that dark-colored bar right below it and right before "What's Going On?" The link to view the forum leaders is there on the right. :)
*the frontrunner in lunamoth's "next President of the United States" campaign gently bumps the thread with the aid of her choice for a runningmate*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Oops thanks InLove finally found it - will have to watch my p's and q's now, big brother is everywhere lol.

17th - yes naturally blonde but now dye it dark brown to blend in better but hasn't changed my blonde brain lol
Had to smile about this, Angel. :) I know that is not why you do it!

I imagine it makes life a bit easier where MW is, though, to avoid attracting unwanted attention, I'm thinking?

Unwanted attention? Because someone has blonde hair?

The colour of the infidel!!£$"!$"!

*pulls out a sword and does his infidel war tongue cry* aaaaah ya ya yay ay ayyaya

In seriousness though why should hair colour matter? Who cares? If you were white muslim would you paint yourself black? So you can fit in... I mean... "cause unwanted attention".. Changing who you are for the sake of a faith seems odd... wouldn't your god accept you as you? Mine does ;/
I'm certain Allah does not care whether MW's hair is apple green. :) I'm just guessing that there is more to her choice than simply "fitting in". But I can't answer for her on this issue, obviously. I hope I didn't accidentally attach a reasoning here that she would not have. Maybe best to let her respond, if she likes, eh?