What Are You Watching on Youtube?


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Hi everybody!

Youtube is, to me, a lot like my grandparent's attic. Sometimes when I went up there (before they cleaned it out) I'd come down with a machzor from ye olde country and sometimes I'd come down with a moldy biology text book. So I thought, if there are other people on c-r who comb youtube for machzorim from ye olde country and we all put our heads together, we'll end up with a lot fewer moldy biology text books. This then is my suggestion, my proposal, to all of you, my fellow c-r.com-ers. If we unite together we can find the greatest videos on the www! It's okay if it's from another service like google video, too. So what are you watching?

This is a BBC clip of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, a ninjutsu grandmaster.


There are some videos of him that are more crazy but this is still pretty good. His application of technique is so relaxed. It appears effortless. It's incredible to watch.

This is a video from an accoustic set at an interfaith gathering in Jerusalem of Eden Mi-Qedem performing Yedid Nefesh:


Their translation of the Hebrew (not sung) provided here:

http://www.edenmiqedem.com/yedhidh nefesh.htm

There are a number of other videos from that gathering, mostly of the eden mi-qedem performance, but the video of Eliyahu McClean, who's a peace activist, speaking about Jewish-Muslim interfaith in the past and about the work he's doing now to remove stigmas and get people talking together is really good too. He's affiliated with the Jerusalem Peacemakers org.

and finally Frank Caliendo of madtv doing some impressions (george w, clinton, john madden, pacino, seinfeld, jason alexander, the guy who played kramer, robin williams, deniro, casey casem, ted knight, john belushi, scooby and shaggy, chris rock, jay leno, chris farley):


The "Zeitgeist" videos seem to be gaining a bit of popularity at the moment. See below Google Video links ...

Part 1 - Christianity & the Horus

Part 2 - World Trade Center & 9/11

Part 3 - Economic conspiracies & the 'One World Order'

A lot of part 1 is innaccurate in my opinon as many of the details they give in regards to Horus and Krishna don't match up with either traditional or historical accounts. Can't say so much about the other two?

... Neemai
Dauer....loved the hebrew tanslation and the comedians Robert Deniro was fabulous. Unfortunately didn't know a lot of the US characters but looks a very funny chap. As for letting a chap come at me with a 4ft sword.....think I'll stick with embroidery.

Neemai.....would be interested to know how accurate the numerous virgin births information was, have to be honest :eek: I hadn't heard of them before. So much to learn....so little time.

The other two made me do a double take, you have to wonder how much truth there is in conspiracy theories. I was so overwhelmed by 9/11 that I had never stopped to hear the info on the Pentagon, by then my brain was too far gone with sorrow.

Thanks both for sharing.

Most of the stuff I watch on Youtube is to do with human and animal rights so maybe best if I don't share those. I also love to watch/listen to nasheeds, they calm my soul. I found this today and I think there may be little lessons in there for everyone?

It is called What does Islam really teach - this is my Islam (give it 30 seconds to start), it made me cry.

YouTube - What does Islam really teach?=

This is my all time favourite nasheed and the sheikh (he leads prayers in Mecca) has a smile that could light up the world

YouTube - Mishary b. Rashid-Tala al Badru Alayna

or maybe it's this one - just too hard to choose between the 2

YouTube - mawlaya sally=

hope you enjoy.

Sorry can I add one and if no-one watches any of the others please watch this. It is a song called Lift the Veil and explains my views on the hijab so well, wow it makes me smile, inside and out.

YouTube - The islamic veil

Thank you to anyone that listens to it.
Never knew Mr Bungle had a "grudge" against the Red Hot Chili Peppers...

Laughed my socks off at this (maybe a bit specialist) parody of the RHCP...

YouTube - RHCP Parody by Mr Bungle

Mr Bungle really sound like this...

YouTube - my ass is on fire music video by mr bungle!

My partner says they are the worst thing (I don't think the word "music" enters into it) she's ever heard. In fact, if she saw this video I suspect they'd be downgraded even further. You decide! :p

Sorry can I add one and if no-one watches any of the others please watch this. It is a song called Lift the Veil and explains my views on the hijab so well, wow it makes me smile, inside and out.

YouTube - The islamic veil

Thank you to anyone that listens to it.

I did, thank you for sharing it. You know I watched it cos I noticed the spelling mistake! OK that's trivial, but I did watch it.

I've been watching the Kiwi animation JH posted a while ago as well as the Strictly Come Dancing - week 11 (I don't recall who posted it here [or if it was posted here]) as well as Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru (at least trying it out.) I won't post the link to the last title due to its controversial content (it's about an incestuous relationship between a set of twins, but it doesn't show the physical expression of the relationship.)

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine

Mike Patton is great. My favorite Mr. Bungle song is Squeeze Me Macaroni.

Kung Fu Hustle was just on tv and in satisfying my curiosity I eventually came across this clip from the Bruceploitation film Dragon Lives Again where "Bruce Lee" and Popeye (the sailor man) are fighting a hoarde of evil mummies.

YouTube - Bruce Lee and The Chinese Popeye(Dragon Lives Again,1976)

If any of you are fans of weird, try the "We Are The Strange" movie trailer:

:We are the Strange:

It's beautifully dark. Vaguely Creepy. Lots of references to video games.

Neemai.....would be interested to know how accurate the numerous virgin births information was, have to be honest :eek: I hadn't heard of them before.

Hello MW - the information looked incorrect to me. For example Krishna's birth is traditionally held to be in the summer and not around Dec 25th as suggested. Also I have been unable to find a valid source which indicates Horus had 12 disciples? Krishna is said to have incarnated through His own will (not as a result of intercourse), but there is no particular emphasis on a 'virgin birth' as exists in Christianity. The strongest similarity in stories is that the local King, called Kamsa, did try to kill Krishna as a child (much like Herod) by killing the newly-born children in the area. This was because of a prophecy which named Krishna as the person who would eventually bring his demise.

Thanks for the other links ...

... Neemai :)
Thank you so much Neemai, it just shows you can't believe everything you see or read. It fascinates me how some people can 'twist' historical facts to fit just about any theory they care to put forward. Makes you wonder what you can and can't believe?!
Mike Patton is great.

You certainly can't accuse him of being stuck in one style!!!

I'm not much for Fantomas, just saw Tomahawk on youtube and that seemed good, but I don't know as he'll match the stuff with Mr Bungle. Anyway the rest went off with Trey Spruance to form the very wonderful Secret Chiefs 3. All hail!!!

I just had to look up Tomahawk. I agree they sound pretty good. And Fantomas is a cool project but most of their songs are too experimental for regular listening imo.

Was just watching Future Breed Machine by Meshuggah: (progressive black metal fusion stuffs)

YouTube - Meshuggah - Future Breed Machine

I Wish I Had an Angel by Nightwish (operatic metal)

YouTube - I Wish I had An Angel- NightWish

Apocalyptica's (classical cellist quartet) cover of One by Metallica (live):

YouTube - One - Apocalyptica

Balzac (Japanese horrorpunk, very Samhain-influenced) performs The Silence of Crows:

YouTube - [PV] - Balzac - The Silence Of The Crows

Your Mind's on Vacation (live) by Mose Allison (delta blues/bebop, mindblowing lyricist):

YouTube - Mose Allison - Your Mind's On Vacation

Black Flag (live) by Kings X (prog rock):

YouTube - King's X Black Flag Live From Athens

Reb Zalman discussing sexuality and holiness, and what he would want to pass onto his grandchildren about sexuality and partnering:

YouTube - SEXUALITY & HOLINESS: Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi