What Are You Watching on Youtube?

King of pop sets the record straight, provides closer. (Billy Jean)

More Dean Nicholson & Nala adventures (includes a couple of gentlemen in walking kilts in case anyone's interested):

There's also a wee bit of a different plaid on an ironing board if anyone's interested. I wish that I knew more about the different plaids so I knew which was which. 😿

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A discussion of who we are via a psychotherapist's analysis of Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians. (Please excuse the advertisement.)

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This could be posted in the Cats thread, too, because it deals with :kitty:s:

In case it gets taken down, the video is an episode of NOVA titled Cat Tales

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More adventures with Dean Nicholson, Nala the :kitty:, Dean's mum and her two dogs:

Nessie (the van) breaks down (the mechanic says that it's the clutch, but I don't know myself) so the entire group ends up "camping" in a little site while "Nessie" gets fixed.

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Fish-shaped croissants with different flavoured fillings (including Earl Grey tea!):

I wish that I could get a pan/waffle iron like the fish one. Better yet, a :kitty: one! 😈

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An aerial tour of Scotland (courtesy of Dean Nicholson of 1bike1world and Dean & Nala the :kitty: fame):

Everything in the video is from his drone/s.

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A Halloween/Samhain light show to the soundtrack of Dead Man's Party by Oingo Boingo (Warning: flashing lights):

Had to watch/listen to it to "wash" the political BS/MS/PhD going on.

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Oooh ...

40 minutes in ... need to listen again ... lots to digest.
I think y'all might find this interesting/enjoy this:

It's a video about the Washington State DOT building pathways for wildlife to cross a busy highway/reclaiming natural spaces.

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