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  • I couldn't think of anything to say but had to say something on your board... So I ended up with that *shruggs*
    Possible titles for me so far,

    1. Youthful Stumbling Block (submitted by seattlegal)
    2. Cookie Monster (submitted by Dream)
    3. (unassigned)
    4. (unassigned)

    I'd like to be able to get 4 or 5 before creating the poll.
    Sometimes you scare me, so I think you ought to change it to 'Cookie Monster' :>
    I can't see your profile picture in the upper left. All I see is this:

    How about something like "the Youthful Stumbling Block?" :p
    {btw, thanks for the compliment on my page :)
    The formatting on your page is nice, too.}
    I have had my default title for a few years, couldn't ever think of anything snappy to replace it. So now, I'm putting my title in everyone else's hands. If you have an idea for my title, please leave it in a visitor message. If I get enough I'll create a poll in the lounge so you all can decide my fate. mwa ha ha ha ha
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