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  • Absolutely LOVE your nature shots, Dauer. They would be great as prints hanging on your wall. Where where they taken at? Its so beautiful.
    I made it up by borrowing the phrase 'pocket dimension' from comic books, however I have gone all out and found a free mp3 lecture by Rabbi Ginsburg about beards and pocket universes! He gives lots of interesting opinions about various things including the differences between pantheism and monotheistic Judaism (that comes up in this forum from time to time). He doesn't say anything about my pet theory about Genesis. I am not offended, however.
    Abraham's Divine Beard Salon
    Its a beard that acts as a gateway to a pocket dimension. Cool name, Zeke.
    hey dauer, NOW i have a man crush! LOL! hey why don't you open up your shirt abit so we can see some of that chest hair? i keeeeeed, i keeeeeeed! LOL!
    I cannot at all recognize the guy with the power beard in your avatar collection. Must be your cousin.
    L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem. *several :kitty:s bring many vegan sweets via their wagons over to daur's place, quietly delivering them to the "master of the house", leaving after they're divested of their burdens*

    Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
    wow. that makes total sense about the clothing aspect. never gave it much though till now. thanks for that. i am learning so much. i agree with the quality of life aspect for the diet. i've been questioning my mortality alot lately for some reason. just want to live for as long as possible. its funny though that you mention the killing of an animal to a certain extent is still justified. the only way i would ever eat meat again is if i raised the animal myself on my land and of course i would see to it that it didn't suffer. at all! but the chances for that are near to impossible since i don't own a farm and my pay is mediocre.

    seitan? that sounds funny. quinoa? i'll look for them. you come across those at a local store or otherwise?
    i have a few questions if you have the time. what is TVP? is too much soy bad for you? also yo mentioned once that you weigh 130lbs. is this due to your diet? seems rather underweight if you ask me. unless you're short? i have a lot of homework to do. thanks for the links you've provided.
    thanks for clearing up the inconsistencies in muh mind. in that case, i'd put myself in the vegan catagorie. except for the clothing part. could you explain that one to me?

    i've been on this diet since a SDA person showed up at my door and introduced me to the plant based diet he subscribes to. i saw a dvd and the information there was mindblowing, to say the least. i learned so much that day and only confirmed what had recently been on my mind as of late. its so funny how circumstances introduce themselves into my mind.

    the first instance was when i was playing the Dead Rising game on the 360. in the story the reason there are zombies was due to a cloning process that went wrong due to the gov't trying to meet the high demands of people's consumption of meat. i couldn't help but think that we unnecesarily eat too much meat. its actually gross if you ask me.

    the second was that whole thing with the mad cow desease. the way they would treat the animals. and for what? its insane how spoiled we are. in my opinion anyways.

    the third was the rumors that animals will be eventually be cloned for the purpose of meat consumption (if this hasn't started already). i don't want to be a part of this. there's something wrong with the world, isn't there?

    and the fourth is when Dan (sda dude) showed up as i mentioned earlier. its funny how things just happen "coincidentally" but it just feels like i am doing the right thing. i mean, i know God approves of eating meat in the TANACH, but for crying out loud, not like this! do you know what i mean? i didn't know who else to talk to but you came to mind when i remembered your mentioning of your diet. thanks for the information again. but if you can help me out with that clothing question i asked earlier, i'd be much obliged. one more thing. do you eat soy products? thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
    hey dauer. i have a quiry. as a vegan or vegetarian (sorry, i get the two confused), do you still eat cheese or milk? i am struggling mainly with cheese because it is an awesome substitute for salt. milk i discovered i can easily replace with soy milk. it tastes the same!
    Dauer's a friendly guy. He's truly an optimist realist, which is basically another way of saying cookie monster.

    YouTube - cookie monster i did it all for the cookie!
    I never "see" you at all. I only see your avatar, which looks nice and friendly. But friendly or not, I am a tray full of monsters so I thought you might be too scared to make friends with me. But maybe you'd eat me instead. Haha!
    Yeah it was a joke. Sorry about that. There are days that I can neither understand nor give jokes, yet I always make people laugh somehow?
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