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  • Buddha was a reformer who introduced a number of humanistic principles to the religion of India. He did not claim to be God nor did he suggest to his followers that he be an object of worship. Yet, today most Buddhists who are to be found outside of India have taken him to be God and prostrate to idols made in their perception of his likeness.

    By using the principle of identifying the object of worship, false religion becomes very obvious and the contrived nature of their origin clear. 
    Thanks. I borrowed it from somebody's blog that turned up on google image search. Think they'll sue?
    Saltmeister, I have determined that conversation isn't one of my strong points. That's why I don't argue so much.
    Friends ironically are like the foundation of your self, your capacity to be an independent happy person. They are like dry land. You can go out in a boat and be free for a while, but don't burn your charts. At least stay in touch. I'm just saying how I see it, because of how much I miss the friends I gave up. Missing them is like not knowing myself. Its like they are the reality.
    Cool, thanks for the visit. I think you're talking about the Dream moniker when you say Fantasy World. Is that right? It makes me think about some who embrace fantasy, and for a long time I did not understand why people did that. Even when I registered Dream, I didn't know what it meant. I'd always assumed that we pursued reality with the goal of obtaining it, but actually we cannot. In that case our goal is to find the reality within whatever box we find ourselves in. For those who want to leave the reality for the outside, how is that better then creating a lesser world on the inside and going there? The problem is still going to be contextual, and whatever is outside will have another shell outside of it.
    Ah ok fair enough lol, didn't know if there was meaning or hidden message or something under it. :p
    "Lieutenant Dan .... Ice Cream"

    I'm a little off tonight, so you might need to over look me a little. I just sent you something important. Seriously, it's in form of an olive branch. Err, well kinda ...

    God Bless,
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