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  • The Brew, The Brew. If one must needs flush for a third time, Might I suggest a change in diet or perhaps obtaining the services of a Plumber???
    TNX Juantoo3. There is still a way to go but he has favorably impressed quite a few trainers thus far gaining points on his calm disposition, eagerness to learn, and his self confidence.
    Interesting. This is a 'no-brainer' for it is, no doubt, the headless horseman.<grin>
    lol tell me thats salt lick!? Whatever it is, sure is going down well! I like that picture :) Horse looks handsome.
    You learn something every day, thank you for that! :D that is an interesting character to hold, Wouldn't get far in la famiglia ;)
    Your horse looks really strong and healthy nice :) I have a friend that has horses they seem like quite a bit of work! But I am sure they're worth it. Do horses really like salt?
    There is no need for apologies!!! :D Just hoping to make you feel welcome :D It can take some time to get used to, quite alot of functions on here now :p
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