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  • looks like I missed a birthday and a new year .... hope all is well with you .... me ke aloha pumehana, poh
    hey juan, im after a bit of infor. Someone here mention a science fiction writers forum,... do you know it or how i can access it, my eldest is quite brilliant (if i do say so myself. lol) at that kind of thing and i would love to get him involved with like minded peoples.
    Hi Juan.............
    YouTube - ... FROM THE SKY ...
    momentus days...........love Ciel
    Thank You juantoo3. I hope all is well with you. Though it is almost a year later, I'm doing fine. I had to concentrate to finish school.
    Thanks for friendship request but will shortly be going off line for a while. Do not know when i will be able to get back, Will let you know ty again
    Thanks. I do lurk a lot I know. i am here every day but don't have much to say. I've recently changed jobs so have a bit more time now so I'll try to participate a bit more
    Yeah, I just felt like frequently when I gave my opinion in a thread it led to a lot of arguments and negativity. I guess it comes with being critically-minded and open to unpopular opinions. It was a good break, gave me more time to focus on my studies. I don't often realize how much time I clock in on this site.
    Oh yeah, I'm doing fine. I just kind of migrated away from this forum a while ago. It might be time to check it out again though. I've been in college for the past few years, rising junior in Religious Studies.

    Anyway, thanks for the acknowledgment.
    I was playing around when I banished you. I did it as a moderator, I guess I should have said that. I wonder why... I guess it is a Tao Equus thing. Maybe t.v. has finally got to him.

    Oh well. Anyway's, it's nice to back and it's a delight to talk to some people.
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