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  • I mean I have a feeling you might be atheist because you said something about scientific studies but if you did have a belief on the after life what would it be?

    Imo, it's a state of your mind. Kind of like a dream with your consciouss so it's your perception of how you want it to be with the ability to interact with other "dreams" if you wish. The idea of reincarnation or Christian heaven is hell to me.
    I'm not sure if I sent you a message already because I don't see it in my outbox so if it's a repeat I apologize. But I wanted to let you know I like your challenge on the idea of reincarnation. I fear it and I'm scared of's just not my liking. But having you challenge it because it makes me feel better knowing that I'm not the only one opposed to it.

    With that being said, you say you're buddhist? What exactly do you believe in after death?
    I'm agnostic, but I have my own version of what I'd like to believe. I'd rather there be nothing than to reincarnate several times.
    Send me PM and if you promise not to use my name, I will give you "anti-UFO" areguents for Roswell, Aztec Mountain, Dreamland, and Majestic-7.
    watcha, might be a while, not sure am upto debate much at the mo, hope you enjoyed it, peace
    Hi Iowaguy,

    Thanks for your message. Thanks for your concern. In response to what you wrote, no, I don't see our debate as a personal attack. I appreciate your comments. I think what I wrote about saying how I probably would not continue on that thread, is probably what motivated you to write to me. Again, I appreciate you doing so. For me, I feel that I presented my case and thoughts the best that I could. And as such, I don't have too much more to add, and I feel it's likely we'll continue to go over the same old ground.

    Like I shared though, I appreciated your comments, and it was nice to see that though we disagreed, there were areas of agreement, which is encouraging. Hopefully over time, and by participating in more thread, we will find some more common ground.

    I hope you're doing well.

    Paix, Ciel
    Everybody should have at least one visitor message!

    And you could do with some decor on here too!
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